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Invest in Landscape Design Before Selling Your Overland Park, KS, Home

Invest in Landscape Design Before Selling Your Overland Park, KS, Home


If you’re considering putting your home on the market in Overland Park, KS, it’s wise to invest in some landscaping improvements before doing so. The difference in selling price between a well-landscaped home and one that falls short is well worth the expenditure and effort involved. From simple changes to a more comprehensive approach, paying attention to the perspective of the potential buyer is critical when planning to sell your home. The majority of home buyers identify the curb appeal of a home as integral to even viewing the inside. Here’s how you can boost the value of your home with the help of Unilock products and a Unilock Authorized Contractor:


A Pristine Yard

The first step to tackle when preparing your yard for the sale of your home is a good and thorough cleanup. A Unilock Authorized Contractor specializing in landscape maintenance will be able to help you clear up any debris, branches, leaves, etc. Provide them with a spick and span landscape, and potential buyers are likely to a keep a positive attitude toward your home from the moment they arrive. Untidy slopes and eroded soil can be neatened up with the help of Unilock retaining wall units such as Rivercrest Wall or Pisa2 for more heavy-duty applications.

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A Beckoning Front Door

Upon arrival, the eye should be drawn toward the front door of your home. While a brightly-colored front door can help to achieve this, you can also direct the attention with hardscaping features for a more powerful effect. Consider adding accents to your front walkway and steps with boldly colored pavers, such as Series by Unilock and direct the eye forward. You can also have short plantings added on either side of the walkway or driveway, corralling visitors toward the front entrance. In this way, hardscape and softscape features keep the eye moving forward to beckon visitors in as they view your home.


Add Living Areas to the Outdoors

If you have a patio or outdoor kitchen in your yard, the mere existence of this feature is a positive. A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help to clean, refresh, and upgrade your outdoor rooms if needed. Should you not have these multi-functional areas as part of your landscape, it may be time to consider installing them. Buyers often consider outdoor living space as an essential feature. Warmly-colored and richly-textured pavers, such as Bristol Valley are ideal for creating a welcoming backyard environment. Consider adding contrast and defining the area with an accent paver such as Copthorne in the Basalt color variation.


Define the Landscape with One Focal Point

As you prepare to sell your home, it’s time to view your landscape from an outsider’s perspective. One focal point without a cluttered yard full of hardscape and difficult to maintain plantings is a must. Consider doing away with the more complicated and maintenance-intensive features. Identify the one star of your landscape and have your yard adjusted to revolve around this feature. This setting the stage is essential when you’re contemplating selling your home.

The title image features a Bristol Valley paver pool deck with Basalt Copthorne accents.



Invest in Landscape Design Before Selling Your Overland Park, KS, Home


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