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Ideas for Turning Your Landscape into a Tranquil and Relaxing Space in Youngstown, OH

Ideas for Turning Your Landscape into a Tranquil and Relaxing Space in Youngstown, OH


Transform your outdoor living space into a relaxing, resort-like haven to achieve that free feeling of being on vacation any day of the week. In addition to the features mentioned below, Unilock pavers go a long way in creating elegant, luxurious patios. Read on for some innovative ideas for creating a backyard getaway in your Youngstown, OH landscape:


A small, secluded patio

Create your own private retreat in the corner of your landscape, well sheltered from neighbors and any nearby roads. A spot like this is perfect for sunbathing, enjoying a good book, meditating and practicing yoga. While a brick wall or tall fence may shut the world out effectively, structures like these contribute very little to a free and tranquil aesthetic. Consider planting shrubs, and a few trees, around your patio to create a cool sense of freedom and isolation from the rest of the world. To elevate the shrubs for maximum privacy, consider Rivercrest Wall planters. Copthorne pavers are ideal for creating a patio that is warm and rustic, while remaining elegant.


A water feature

There is nothing more calming than the sound of water trickling down a rocky slope and cascading into a pond or pool. The sounds are ever-changing and absolutely captivating! Consider incorporating a water feature into the design of your pool and allow the circulating water to prevent algae and prevent them from taking hold. Consider using a sleek wall unit, such as Lineo Dimensional Stone for the construction of your water feature, as it pairs well with the smooth look of running water.


Starlit dining

One way to score more fun, relaxation and friendly conversation outdoors is by fitting your landscape with cooking and dining facilities. A fully-decked outdoor kitchen can simplify your outdoor living by minimising trips between your indoor kitchen and grill. This makes outdoor entertaining more enjoyable and leaves you with more time to relax. Dining outdoors never fails to be a refreshing experience, especially when the weather is just right. Consider making structural precautions for bad weather, such as windbreaks, heaters and an overhead shelter.

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A fire pit or fireplace

Fire features illuminate their surroundings with light, warmth and an inviting ambience. They make excellent conversation spots, but are equally suited to quiet nights spent reading or enjoying a drink. If you’d like to spend your evenings stargazing and listening to the calming sounds of crackling fire, entrust a fireplace to keep the evening chill at bay. Choose from the many fire pit kits or pre-custom built fireplaces offered by Unilock, or add a custom feature with a rustic wall unit such as Estate Wall.


A place to put your feet up

A relaxing patio or poolside is designed for long hours of quiet contentment – a luxury that requires comfortable seating. Invest in high quality outdoor furniture that you will be able to sink into without feeling the need to stretch your legs. Attractive designs and wholesome, organic materials like teak and bamboo will contribute towards an ethereal or resort-like aesthetic. For permanent seating, remember to add comfortable coping to you seating walls with a unit such as Unilock Ledgestone.


Plenty of color

Add life, color and greenery to your landscape to create a truly tranquil space. Plenty of plants and colorful pots will create a cheerful space in which positivity comes naturally. To create additional spaces for plantings in your yard, incorporate reliable retaining walls with a wall unit such as Concord Wall.

The title image features a secluded Copthorne patio.


Ideas for Turning Your Landscape into a Tranquil and Relaxing Space in Youngstown, OH


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