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Ideas for Classic Landscape Features that will Never Go Out of Style in Traverse City, MI

Ideas for Classic Landscape Features that will Never Go Out of Style in Traverse City, MI


There’s nothing wrong with wanting every little element of your Traverse City, MI home’s landscape to be just so. With outstanding-quality products, innovative design, and rich style that complements your aesthetic, this is possible. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for classic landscape features that will never go out of style:


Patios: the Timeless Classic

For decades upon decades, patios have been a staples of the American home’s landscape. These outdoor living areas provide much-needed exterior space for lounging, entertainment, dining, and more. Some choose to combine their patio with outdoor kitchens, while other homeowners opt to have them as a pit-stop before or after pool time. Others still use patios as a relaxation spot, where they can sit and converse while experiencing the comforts of the indoors. The versatility of backyard patios makes them as classic a landscape feature as they come. Your Traverse City, MI property will be the better for having one, as it’s a great way to open up your home from the indoors, straight out into the outdoors.

Create your patio with Unilock paver products like Umbriano in Winter Marvel, or Summer Wheat, and merge it with other colors, such as Mattoni in Cocoa Brown, Sable Brown, or Dark Charcoal, for example. To get the most out of this landscape feature employ the design expertise and construction skills of a Unilock Authorized Contractor to make sure you get the patio of your dreams.

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Going Poolside

Another classic landscape feature that won’t ever stop trending starts poolside. There are so many pool shapes you can choose from, including the classic Rectangular, Figure 8, Lazy L, and Free Form. While the shape is important, as some are better than others depending on the purpose of your pool, your pool deck should not be ignored. Consider things like size. Depending on what you want to use the deck for – entertaining, for example, you’ll have to take into account how much furniture, people traffic, and so on will be the norm. In this case, you may want to opt for a larger pool and deck to match. However, even if you’re going for something small and chic, you’re going to need quality pool deck pavers. Starting on the right foot with strong, non-slip materials will ensure this classic feature needs little maintenance and will stand up to the toughest rigors of daily use.

Beacon Hill Flagstone offers an ideal opportunity to use the same paver from patio to deck. Its subtle colors and historic feel, allow it to pair well with other paver surface textures, if you choose to mix and match instead. You’ll find Beacon Hill Flagstone for your Traverse City, MI pool deck and other classic landscape features in the Copperwood, Fossil, Sierra, and Bavarian color options.


For Some Inspiration

Bringing classic style and design features to your landscape will bring enjoyment to your outdoors. These features will most likely be a part of your exterior aesthetic for lengthy periods of time and as such, you’ll want to choose the style and features that are right for you. To help with this, and so you don’t feel too overwhelmed, visit the Unilock Michigan Outdoor Idea Center. There you’ll find Unilock products on display in a life-size setting, so you can decide which classic features are right for you.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone pool deck.



Ideas for Classic Landscape Features that will Never Go Out of Style in Traverse City, MI


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