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Ideal Pavers for Adding a Games Area to your Landscape Design in Grand Rapids, MI

 Ideal Pavers for Adding a Games Area to your Landscape Design in Grand Rapids, MI


Whether it’s an area for one-on-one basketball, a simple space for foursquare, or a full badminton court, a place for fun and games with the family is one of the greatest luxuries of outdoor living. With your own private sports court or games area, there are no limitations, and you can enjoy a game with your friends and family in Grand Rapids, MI, whenever you wish. Choosing Unilock pavers for your games area flooring will give the space a stunning appearance, and once it has been laid, it can easily be converted from one type of sports court to another. This versatility, and the flexibility of Unilock concrete pavers, will help you create a project that will suit your family’s entertainment style.



This next-generation paver is excellent for creating non-slip flooring for a games area. Senzo combines modern aesthetics with superior strength, as well as unique color combinations which are perfect for bordering a court. Senzo comes in different shapes and sizes, with the 16 X 16 making an exceptional primary paver, while the 8 X 8 or 8 X 16 is suitable for marking out the lines of the court. Senzo is part of the EnduraColor Plus line and presents everlasting beauty and extreme durability. This paver is available in three different color options: the dark and light greys of Nuvola, the neutral shade of Cremo, and the warm brown of Castano. With Senzo, you can place your play area anywhere, without having to worry about everyday sun exposure. Senzo is also highly resistant to fading from daily wear because its top layer prevents lighter colored aggregates from showing through.

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Series presents a washed surface texture in three color options, the deep Black Granite, the steel grey of Mountain Mist, and Ice Grey. The light grey color options of Series make an excellent primary pavers, while the Black Granite shade will add clear lines to your contemporary play area. As part of the EnduraColor Plus line, this paver is manufactured using a two-step process which combines strong foundational aggregates with a wear-resistant surface layer. With Unilock pavers, you can leave behind your worries of the surface of the court wearing away. Series pavers might also be used to create giant backyard chess or checker boards, and may even be fashioned into an extra-large backgammon board by a Unilock Authorized Contractor.



Umbriano pavers are a favorite among homeowners because of their unique beauty, non-slip, stain-resistant surface and vivid, versatile color palette. Umbriano pavers also offer a large format, 24” X 24” sized unit that is ideal for covering games areas and creating a smooth playing surface. Umbriano offers the strength and appearance of granite, along with elegance and versatility. Because of its summery feel, the Summer Wheat color option is ideal for poolside surrounds and can be used to incorporate a games area into your pool deck design. Whatever the purpose of your outdoor sports or games area, Umbriano is an excellent choice that will ensure that the style and aesthetics of your landscape is not compromised.

The title image features a games area paved and delineated using Series pavers.

 Ideal Pavers for Adding a Games Area to your Landscape Design in Grand Rapids, MI


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