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Ideal Fire Pit Materials for your New Hampshire Patio

Fire pits are the ideal heating solution for your New Hampshire patio. The low profile of a fire pit allows it pride of place on your patio as a focal point that doesn’t obscure a breathtaking view, and helps to create a lively communal area to gather for warmth and entertainment. Selecting the right design and construction material for your fire pit is vital in order to make sure your fire pit functions at its best.

Safe Construction Materials

Fire pits have to withstand extremely high temperatures, whether your choice of fuel is wood or gas. Hence, the internal section of the fire pit needs to be constructed from fire-resistant materials to hold up against direct heat from flames without cracking, exploding or setting alight itself. Granted that the inside is constructed properly, the outside of the pit can be made from a variety of materials such as brick, natural stone or concrete blocks with a more aesthetic purpose.

Design Considerations

The design of your fire pit will depend on the space available on your patio. Fire pits are commonly built in a square or circular shape, but they can also be custom-built to suit more unusual needs, and can even be integrated as part of a wall or other hardscaped feature.

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Unilock Concrete Products for Fire Pits

Unilock offers a range of concrete vertical blocks to suit these needs. For homeowners after a custom designed feature, Estate Wall is a great block for curved fire pits. With a weathered texture and age-worn tumbled look, Estate Wall is an understated yet great-looking option for a rustic fire pit harking to simpler times around the fire. Modern landscape designs might find Lineo Dimensional Stone more appropriate. Available in long, horizontal blocks with sheer edges and clean lines, Lineo Dimensional Stone makes for striking geometric fire pits.
Alternatively, Unilock offers simple to install fire pit kits that make an excellent addition to any patio, while also adding value to your home. Each constructed from only one concrete product throughout for simplicity and ease, both these fire pits will withstand the duress of direct heat and last for years without much in the way of maintenance while still looking fantastic.

Sunset Firepit Kit

The Sunset Firepit Kit is available in a square or circular design for easy setup. It is constructed using Brussels Dimensional Stone, a concrete block with the look of authentic natural stone with the durability and affordability of concrete. The Sunset fire pit is designed to channel the fire upwards, creating an amazing uproar of flames which is still safely contained. This makes it ideal for placement in the center of your patio.

Rivercrest Firepit Kit

The Rivercrest Firepit Kit is a functional fire pit design that can be easily installed and suits most styles of patios, from contemporary to traditional. It is built using Rivercrest Wall; concrete blocks with the appearance and texture of stacked natural flagstone. Its naturalistic aesthetic allows you to have the authentic roaring campfire experience with family and friends – right on your patio.

The title image features an assembled Rivercrest Firepit Kit in Coastal Slate.

Ideal Fire Pit Materials for your New Hampshire Patio


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