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Ideal Coping for Fire Pits in Troy and Fort Wayne

Adding a fire pit feature to your backyard can be a lifestyle investment. It can change how you spend evenings with your family, how you host events, and even how your entire landscape appears. This one focal feature matters a great deal, so choose Unilock to ensure that it complements your home, remains in balance with the landscape, and is fully functional and safe. The coping on top of your fire pit in Troy or Fort Wayne, MI, can have a significant impact on the appearance and functionality of your fire pit construction. Here are some stylish coping options available to you from Unilock:

Brussels Fullnose Coping

To complement a fire pit that has a weathered texture, Brussels Fullnose coping works well. In addition, the smoothly rounded edges allow for comfortable seating if you plan to elevate the sides for guests to sit. Because it is also functional as a step and poolside coping, you can fully integrate your fire pit into the landscape with this choice as well. Color options consist of Desert Sand, Coffee Creek, Limestone, Sandstone, and Mahogany Ash, creating a healthy range of shade choices for fully complementing the home and property.

Estate Wall Coping

For an even rougher, natural texture, choose Estate Wall coping. This option works well when the landscape is grand and calls for a timeless aesthetic. This aged finished option comes in the shades of Sandstone and Sierra. Your fire pit design will be the ideal place for campfire gatherings when this option sits atop the creation.

Ledgestone Coping

An optimal option for coping, Ledgestone coping works with practically any design and meets the needs for fire pit coping, both functionally and aesthetically. Colors offered include Buff and Grey, creating a nice complement to any construction as well as an effective contrast against greenery in the bright sunlight. This universally functional and aesthetic option is a crowd favorite for coping needs of all sorts. Ledgestone coping features pitched edges, a fine surface texture and the profile of hand-carved stone. Along with Brussels Fullnose Coping, Ledgestone is also ideal for use in any permanent seating features surrounding the fire pit, allowing for a cohesive, fire pit and seating area.

The title image features a low wall built with Brussels Dimensional System, topped with Ledgestone coping.


SienaStone Coping

For an impressive and surprisingly durable fire pit coping, choose SienaStone coping. While this option is largely used for industrial purposes where weight-bearing is the primary focus, this choice provides the strength and durability to stand up against any environmental exposure or excessive use of your fire pit feature. When your intention is to use the fire pit on a frequent basis, SienaStone coping will provide the protection that the feature will need. The shades of Natural or Brown will allow you to complement the rest of the feature as well as any style of home or outbuildings. Moreover, the color options allow you to blend the feature with nature. This option is great for those who enjoy spending time outdoors and will consider the feature as much more than decorative.

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Ideal Coping for Fire Pits in Troy and Fort Wayne, MI


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