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How to Match your Hardscape to your Home’s Architectural Style in Canton, OH

How to Match your Hardscape to your Home’s Architectural Style in Canton, OH


Your home’s hardscape should be a display of beautifully constructed features as well as an accent to the existing architectural style. Show off the beauty and appearance of your Canton, OH, home by matching your hardscape to your home’s design. With a variety of hardscape feature options, the options are limitless.

There are a number of paver options available from Unilock that provide a classic and sleek appearance to match a variety of home architectural styles.

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain Tile from Unilock is a great option to use for pool decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens because of its durability and beauty. It’s offered in a large variety of 14 design options, making it easy to find a tile that will accent your landscape and match your home’s architectural style.

These porcelain tiles feature two different finishes: stone finish and woodgrain finish. Each tile finish comes with its own unique qualities to match whichever style your home exudes.

Unilock Porcelain Tiles are incredibly reliable and long-lasting, ensuring that whichever hardscape feature they’re used for will continue to look brand new for years to come.

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Natural Stone Pavers

Another high-quality and classic option for hardscape projects is Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone, featuring both Sandstone and Limestone. Natural stone tiles offer a level of classic beauty and versatility that is unmatched. With these durable and sleek stones, any hardscape project will have the ability to appropriately match or contrast your existing landscape design.

Sandstone is offered in two color options, Stone Cliff Grey and Indian Coast. Limestone is also offered in two color options including Black River and Winter Mist. Both stones are available in large format and coping units with the option of a random pack that includes four different tile sizes, twelve of each size.

Natural stone, such as Unilock Limestone and Sandstone, not only provide a high-quality and durable tile, but also the ability to match just about any new or existing color scheme.


Tasteful & Uniquely Designed Paver Options

If you’re looking for a rich and deeply colored paver to match or contrast your home’s architecture, consider trying the Holland Premier paver, offered in a number of beautiful and intense colors.

This paver presents a brick-like appearance, delivering a classic and clean aesthetic, suitable for a number of projects. This paver may is ideal for patios, walkways, and border designs, as well as both residential and commercial vehicular applications.

The Holland Premier paver is manufactured with EnduraColor Facemix Technology, ensuring that it will remain pristine and vibrant in color for longer. The bold color options offered are widely compatible and will match classic home architecture well. These choices include Cream, Dark Charcoal, and Mocha.

Another stunning paver option, making use of EnduraColor Facemix Technology to preserve its rich and vibrant colors is Treo Premier. This paver provides a textured appearance that may work well with homes that have more a more rustic architectural style. The textured finish and neutral color scheme of the Treo Premier paver offers a more natural looking appearance, rather than modern and sleek.

This option comes in a variety of three color choices including River, Sierra, and Walnut, all equally unique and stunning.

The title image features a Holland Premier driveway.



How to Match your Hardscape to your Home’s Architectural Style in Canton, OH


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