How to Find Reliable Concrete Pavers in the Oxford, CT, Area | Unilock

How to Find Reliable Concrete Pavers in the Oxford, CT, Area

How to Find Reliable Concrete Pavers in the Oxford, CT, Area

Outdoor living projects can be a big investment. You want to know you’ve made the right choice in the materials and contractors you choose so that you’re satisfied with the result. With so many choices in concrete paver products, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here’s how to find reliable concrete pavers in the Oxford, CT, area. The search involves having a plan, choosing quality pavers, and ensuring they are installed by a reputable contractor.


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Have a Plan

Identify your needs, know what you can afford, and work with a landscape contractor that can help you choose the right paver for your project. A smart, experienced contractor will get to you know your style preferences and also knows the ins and outs of the various pavers on the market and which ones are known for enduring tough winters, frequent traffic, and years of beauty admiration.

Once you’re clear on your budget and chosen your pavers, that’s when you can personalize your design. Even a small, simple patio can be transformed into a stunning space with creative use of the various types, colors, shapes, and sizes of pavers available. Adding a border would bring sophistication to your project. A custom inlay would let you express your artistic side. Mixing textures creates visual interest.


Choose Quality Products

For a variety of reasons, it makes sense to focus your attention on the highest quality pavers you can find. Your investment will go a long way as you will not have to worry about the longevity of your patio, driveway, or walkway.

When you choose a Unilock product, you are investing in quality. Even the most affordable Unilock product lines offer pavers you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Unilock pavers are available in a huge variety of styles. Whether you want pavers that mimic natural stone or something sleek and ultramodern, there is a Unilock concrete paver that will be perfect for your color scheme and architectural style.

Unilock is a trusted name in concrete pavers and has been an industry leader since 1973. Unilock concrete pavers are highly engineered for durability, colorfastness, stain resistance, low maintenance, and strength; and all products are backed by a transferable lifetime guarantee.


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Hire the Best Installers

Selecting the best quality concrete pavers isn’t enough to guarantee the outdoor space you want. You need a contractor that will install your project to the highest standards. You want to be happy every time you look at it—not just on the day of completion, but decades later!

Unilock recommends you use only an Authorized Unilock Contractor to install Unilock concrete pavers. Not every contractor can become a Unilock Authorized Contractor (a designation that ensures customer satisfaction). Unilock carefully screens each applicant including their work methods, reputation, and onsite inspections. After acceptance into the program, the contractor trains to understand the best installation techniques for Unilock products and commits to ongoing education about new products and new techniques.

Since a Unilock Authorized Contractor knows Unilock products inside and out, you will know that the entire process will be done to the highest standards, including materials selection, site preparation, installation, and cleaning up after the job is done.

You can trust the proven quality of Unilock concrete pavers. And, you can trust that a Unilock Authorized Contractor will build your outdoor space exactly as it should be—with attention to detail, integrity, and top-notch workmanship.


The title image features a Thornbury patio with Town Hall accents.


How to Find Reliable Concrete Pavers in the Oxford, CT, Area


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