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How to Design a Game Court for Your Bay City, MI, Landscape

How to Design a Game Court for Your Bay City, MI, Landscape


Keeping your family moving matters. Health, longevity, and quality of family life all depend on an active and engaged physical lifestyle. By incorporating a game court into your Bay City, MI, home’s landscape, you’ll provide a functional area in which your family can keep physical fun at the top of their list of priorities, where it should be. However, the complexity of the landscaping universe and the importance of getting the investment right demands that you consult with a professional throughout the designing process. Here’s how a Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you fit a games area into your backyard:


Step One: Prioritize Games to Be Played

The first step in your process is clear. What do you want to play? Your family’s age, friends, habits, and preferences should influence this decision. As a starting point, consider that a few popular options include bocce ball, croquet, tennis, and even basketball. Whether you identify one game that is your family’s mainstay, or whether you would like to create a court that encourages flexibility and versatility of play will be a decision that you’ll have to make. While prioritizing the function of your game court, consult with a professional concerning the requirements for the particular games that you’re considering.

Step Two: Consider the Surface and the Area Needed

Your yard itself will play a role in the design of the space and the decisions you make regarding it. The surface should be flat, without issues regarding standing water, and large enough to play the game in question. For a smaller family, a half court might work for tennis or basketball, but for those fully committed to the game, only a full court will do. A professional can help judge the grade and quality of your yard to determine what initial steps will be necessary to prepare your yard for the perfect game court for your family.

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Step Three: Remember the Perimeter

Once you know the games that you intend to play on your court and have identified any remediation needed, consider the perimeter of your game court. Perhaps you prefer the privacy created by shrubbery or a wall created with Lineo Dimensional Stone or Rivercrest Wall by Unilock. Or, you may desire a direct line of sight from your back door to the court. You may also require seating for those who are waiting for their turn, or simply want to serve as audience members. Think benches, wall seats, or even patio furniture. For comfortable coping for seat wall or permanent seating, consider Ledgestone coping in either Fullnose or natural edge. Remember to make sure that the space is a safe distance from any outdoor kitchen or grill.

Step Four: Avoid Making Assumptions

As with any landscaping venture, you don’t have to finalize any decision on your own. Consultations with experts are integral to the process, each step of the way. This will help to ensure that your game court remains functional and safe, but it should also be in keeping with the architectural style, color, and mood of your home and remaining property. A Unilock Authorized Contractor will help to ensure that your game court gives you and your family hours of fun, while complementing your home and adding to its resale value.


How to Design a Game Court for Your Bay City, MI, Landscape


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