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How Paving Contractors Can Help You to Prevent Flooding in Your Columbus, Ohio Backyard

How Paving Contractors Can Help You to Prevent Flooding in Your Columbus, Ohio Backyard


If every single time it rains, water comes rushing down the hill in your backyard to create a river and leave a moat, it’s time to call a Unilock Authorized Contractor. As North America’s premier manufacturer of concrete interlocking paving stones and segmental walls, Unilock has solutions for your Columbus, OH, yard that are not only beautiful, but practical too. Here’s how a Unilock Authorized Paving Contractors, with the help of Unilock pavers and wall units, can help solve your flooding and drainage issues:


Grading Your Yard

To keep water runoff away from your house, the ground should slope away from your home and any other structures in the yard. Adding extra dirt and grading to direct water away from your home is a great start.


Installing a Drainage System

Having a drain installed around the perimeter of your house and hardscape areas can help to funnel the water away from structures and the foundations of your home, preventing erosion and damage to your home and landscape.


Permeable Pavers

The range of permeable pavers available from Unilock allows Unilock Authorized Contractors to create permeable hardscape features that will match your home and landscape design style. These pavers allow water to flow through their joints, down into the underlying subgrade to ensure better drainage. Unilock permeable pavers include the attractive Town Hall and Thornbury options.

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Mulch and Plants

The fourth step that contractors may consider is adding mulch and plantings to areas prone to soil erosion. Choosing a hardwood mulch, which is heavier than pine mulch, can provide longer lasting results. By planting flowers and grasses which thrive in moist conditions, a Unilock Authorized Contractor can give your landscape a colorful boost.


Retaining Walls

Designing and installing a retaining wall can provide a permanent solution to flooding in your backyard. A retaining wall slows down the flow of water down a steep hill and allows for the water to be successfully diverted.

With a tiered retaining wall, you can include both grass and native plants and flowers to bring interest to the landscape. At the time of installing a wall, your Unilock Authorized Contractor will fit the wall with necessary drainage measures, to direct water away from your home.

At the base of an impressive Rivercrest Wall retaining wall with Ledgestone coping you might consider installing a matching Beacon Hill Flagstone patio, or you have grasses and floral borders planted. A Roman Pisa retaining wall with a Thornbury patio is a great backdrop for any landscape plan.

With a professional Unilock Authorized Contractor and Unilock retaining wall, you can rest easy when the rains come! Your contractor can assist you with grading your yard, installing drains that you won’t even know are there, and dressing up your softscape with stunning plants and flowers. Visit the Unilock Outdoor Idea Center for ideas and suggestions today!

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall retaining wall with Ledgestone coping.



How Paving Contractors Can Help You to Prevent Flooding in Your Columbus, Ohio Backyard


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