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Why Front Yard Fire Pits and Patios can be a Great Idea in Flint, Midland, Bay City

A patio and fire pit can add a welcoming touch to the front yard of your Flint, Midland, Bay City, MI, home. Not only can they make your home stand out, but also provide a place for get-togethers to make your front yard truly practical. At the very least, a front yard patio can offer guests a place to sit and wait comfortably if you’re running late on an errand.


Patios are a versatile feature for any front yard. A complementary design can work wonders, making your home stand out from other homes on the street and improving curb appeal. Consider adding in a fire pit to not only provide a source of warmth for your outdoor living space, but also act as a focal feature for the front yard. The Unilock Sunset Fire Pit Kit is available in a variety of stone preferences to let you match your fire pit to other central features of your yard. The feature is also remarkably easy to install.
Considering that most front yards are easily visible from inside the house as well as out, the patio and fire pit combination can provide some added interest to the view from inside your home.
To offset the limitations of regional regulations and the environmental impact of extending your hardscape, consider making the safe choice of using the wide variety of permeable pavers offered by Unilock.
Patios give you a lot of room to express yourself, allowing you to create a space that reflects your personality. Given that the exterior design of houses provide more limited customizability options, a front yard patio can help achieve the transformation from a house to a home.

Adding value to your home

Well designed patios have the potential to drastically improve the market value of your home when it comes time to sell. An outdoor living space is a highly sought after feature in most markets and can easily make or break a sale. Consider having a patio professionally designed to gain the maximum advantage from your investment. Also, using quality products like the diverse variety of concrete pavers from Unilock allows you to let your patio complement the design of your home and front walkways to lure in potential buyers and even cover the cost of your investment.

Entertainment area

Patios are ideal spaces for hosting parties and get-togethers. Especially for homeowners with a smaller backyard, front yard patios can be used for family dinners, barbecues and even outdoor movie nights and campouts to keep the kids entertained. Moreover, with a Unilock Fire Pit Kit and a smartly designed seating area, you can keep guests warm on chilly summer nights. Consider adding an awning or canopy to make the space usable through the winter months or during rainy days. Especially if you have easy access to your front yard through sliding or French doors, front patios can act as an extension to your living room which can work wonders for creating flow and a seamless transition from indoors to out.

The title image features a fire pit built with Rivercrest Wall and Ledgestone coping, complemented by a Richcliff patio.

Why Front Yard Fire Pits and Patios can be a Great Idea in Flint, Midland, Bay City MI

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