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Flagstone and Bluestone Alternatives for Your Patio in North Shore, MA

We may picture witches (Salem) and fisheries (Gloucester) when we think of North Shore, but it’s also known for its rocky coastline, beaches and natural harbors—and those summers of outdoor living. Patios in North Shore are additional living spaces when the weather is warm, and for more than 100 years, natural flagstone and bluestone have been the “go to” material for these patios. Even with the flaking, cracking and peeling of the top surface (known as spalling) that is so common with these natural stones, homeowners felt that just “goes with the territory.” No longer. Here are some concrete alternatives that are as beautiful and as natural looking, but with increased durability and broader design possibilities.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Flagstone has the random pattern, texture and soft mottled shades of color that make it an ideal alternative to natural stone for your patio, while keeping with the historic character of North Shore. The paving stone comes in three sizes: two rectangular (21 ¼” x 14 ¼” and 14 ¼” x 7”) and one square (14 ¼” x 14 ¼”) that you can arrange in the design of your choice for an individualized visual effect.
A range of eight colors ensure that you are able to find a match for any landscape or architectural features already present on your property. These colors include the subtle warmth of Almond Grove, the rich brown of Bavarian, Coffee Creek for both warm and cool undertones, the cool New York Blend, and the luxury of Italian design with Tuscany. These soft colors are further enhanced by a subtle, naturalistic surface texture and can be complemented with the selection of jointing compound: black, grey or tan sand.

Brussels Block

With irregular edges and a rough surface texture, Brussels Block has the look of quarried stone. This unique tumbled paving stone has just the right natural look and antique finish to give your patio a welcoming warmth. With the three sizes of block: standard (8 ¼” x 7″), half (7″ x 4″) and extra large (13 ¼” x 8 ¼”), seven colors all with the timeworn finish and twenty unique patterns, you can mix and match to your heart’s content for a classic but relaxed patio.


In Richcliff, you have beauty and strength perfectly balanced, as well as a harmonious blend of modernity and elegance. The surface has a natural-looking, randomly embossed texture cast from hundreds of natural stone molds. Richcliff is four times stronger than poured concrete, so there’s no worrying about spalling—ever. Richcliff is available in three sizes (12” x 9”, 6” x 9” and 9” x 9”) and three special colors: Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe and a combination of Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe (blended on site) that can be installed in one of eight visually exciting laying patterns.


Thornbury pavers have a subtle flagstone surface that appeals to the homeowners with an affinity for natural stone. For the ecologically aware homeowners, they can be installed as permeable pavers. Spacer bars create 8% voids, allowing rainwater to permeate the pavers, preventing runoff and soil erosion. Also, Thornbury’s four rich and vibrant colors will remain rich and vibrant, unaffected by wear, the sun beating down on them or the ravages of snow and ice. The pavers come in large, medium and small rectangles that can be mixed and matched for an individualized design.

The title image features Thornbury pavers with an accompanying Estate Wall retaining wall.

Flagstone and Bluestone Alternatives for Your Patio in North Shore, Boston MA


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