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Extend the Luxury of the Indoors Out with these Landscape Ideas in Midland, MI

Extend the Luxury of the Indoors Out with these Landscape Ideas in Midland, MI


When it comes to your home’s luxury style, it shouldn’t stop at the interior. The exterior is what everyone sees first, and you want your Midland, MI landscape to impress not just the neighbors, but anyone who has the pleasure of stopping by. To do that, extend the luxury of your indoors out with these landscape ideas:


Stunner Front Entrances

The front entrance is what greets visitors first. Start your entranceways right with Unilock products that are perfect for this purpose. Cast from original brick street pavers, Town Hall will make visitors swoon. Its worn look gives it a classic feel that elevates the style of front entrances, driveways, and walkways. The color options of Town Hall include Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Burgundy Red, a 3 Color Blend, and Basalt, and you can choose from Black, Tan, or Grey Sand for your jointing compound.

A Town Hall 3 Colour Blend driveway and front walkway makes for a bold design that will warmly greet guests. You can also consider breaking up hardscapes with softscape features like shrubbery, or flower beds, lining the walkway to your front door for a quaint and traditional welcome.

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Outdoor Culinary Delight

Why should all the culinary fun and exquisite food be confined to indoors? They don’t have to be. With the help of a Unilock Authorized Contractor to install your fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, your backyard can become a functional cooking area. Skilled and knowledgeable landscape experts will help you from beginning to end with your project ideas. The multi-length plank look of Lineo Dimensional Stone, is a winner when it comes to pillars, garden walls, and of course outdoor kitchen grill islands and vertical features. This unit is a must-try if your style leans toward the contemporary, as its smooth texture and clean lines, will look great with Stainless Steel appliances. Lineo Dimensional Stone comes in the appealing color options of Mahogany Ash, Sandstone, Midnight Charcoal, and Limestone. Lineo Dimensional Stone is an excellent match for Unilock Natural Stone as a flooring option.


Bringing the Dining Room Outside

Even if you haven’t yet taken the plunge with an outdoor kitchen, bringing a dining room feel to your outdoors with an Umbriano paved patio, can be the epitome of opulence. Your dining area can be styled to suit your unique tastes, with furniture, crockery, and cutlery all specially chosen for a consistent theme of luxury and elegance. Lounge after dinner at a Sunset Firepit Kit, assembled with the Brussels Dimensional System. If water features are more your taste, a striking fountain can be constructed with Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate, to create a focal point that embraces serenity and peace of mind.


Upgrading the Pool Deck

Sometimes the only thing the exterior of a property needs is upgrades or changes to existing hardscapes. No matter the size of your pool, the pool deck is going to be noticeable. Unilock pavers are non-slip and durable, making them ideal for safe and luxurious pool decks. Consider pavers such as Series, Thornbury, or Richcliff to name a few stunning options.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen with Lineo Dimensional Stone verticals and Natural Stone flooring.



Extend the Luxury of the Indoors Out with these Landscape Ideas in Midland, MI


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