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Essentials for Stylish Outdoor Kitchens in Ottawa

If you enjoy cooking you’ll know that there is nothing like being able to cook outdoors. And although winters in Ottawa, ON, can be pretty rough, the city still has plenty of sunny days and fresh nights throughout the year to make investing in an outdoor kitchen a great idea. Long gone are the days when an outside kitchen meant only a grill and a table top to serve burgers. Nowadays, your alfresco cooking space can be as elaborate as your indoor kitchen. From essentials to frills, you can include almost anything you want. How to choose, then? Start with these must-haves below for creating a stylish and functional outdoor kitchen.


Still the essential piece of equipment for any outdoor kitchen is the grill. However, grills have evolved tremendously. Choose a high grade stainless steel to ensure longevity. For continuity, consider building your grill into a counter top. A number of fuel options also exist including charcoal, gas or electricity depending on your preference of taste and convenience.


Never compromise on counter space. You will need plenty of elbow room to be able to move freely and prepare your food. Start by deciding on the shape and style of your kitchen as the counters will section off your outdoor kitchen from the rest of the area. Unilock offers the best choices for outdoor kitchen verticals that are both visually stunning and incredibly durable. There is also a wide variety of options to suit all tastes. Lineo Dimensional Stone will guarantee a sleek, sophisticated look, while Rivercrest Wall is rich with the texture of stacked flagstone.


A stylish outdoor kitchen is not complete without a wet bar, furnished with stools for comfortable seating. This is an easy way to keep your guests close by and entertained while you cook. For maximizing function and making your outdoor bar a go-to for entertainment, consider including a sink, ice storage, drink chiller or mini fridge and a cabinet for glasses. Add subtle spot lighting to your bar to make it one of the focal points of the kitchen décor and naturally draw people to occupy the stools around it.

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Dining area and seating area

Any upscale outdoor kitchen will offer its guests a proper dining place. Integrate a dining space by building a patio enclosed by seating walls, or include a dining table ensemble. You can have your seating walls built with the same units used for the grill island and bar to maintain visual harmony. For coping, consider Brussels Fullnose. It’s smooth, rounded edge will ensure comfort and provide a stunning finish to your seating walls.


If you are determined to make your outdoor kitchen the main focal point of your backyard, a fireplace will give it the final touch of finesse and elegance. Talk to your landscape designer to plan a space where people can enjoy the warmth of a fire. To simplify designing a fireplace, consider a fireplace kit from Unilock. Ventana and Moda are styles that go well with contemporary themes, while Bella and Tuscany match rustic designs and provide an abundance of charm and character.

The title image features a patio paved with Umbriano and Brussels Block pavers, complemented by Brussels Dimensional Stone and Brussels Fullnose verticals.

Must Haves for Stylish Outdoor Kitchens in Ottawa ON


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