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Enhance Your Retaining Wall with These Coping Options in Pittsburgh, PA

Enhance Your Retaining Wall with These Coping Options in Pittsburgh, PA


In the process of researching options for retaining walls – because you definitely need one for the hill that sends rivers into the backyard every time it rains – you no doubt came across the term “coping”. But what does that mean? Coping is the top layer of a wall and serves multiple purposes. As North America’s premier manufacturer of concrete interlocking stones and segmental wall products, Unilock recommends the use of coping on your retaining wall in Pittsburgh, PA for three critical reasons.



Coping provides protection from rain and snow, which can cause structural damage to a retaining wall. As precipitation pools on flat surfaces, such as the tops of retaining walls, it can work between the joints and weaken underlying adhesives or mortar. Coping ensures that water flows off the surface and prevents any water remaining from affecting the structural integrity of the wall. Unilock coping can be used on a new or existing wall to seal off the wall from damaging moisture.



Unilock concrete coping is designed to eliminate seepage of moisture into the wall. With an interlocking channel that funnels water away from the wall and a slanting function, coping protects the integrity of your retaining wall and can prevent costly repairs. Any number of design ideas are available at the Ohio Outdoor Idea Center, where a professional can discuss your need for a functional and handsome retaining wall. Alternatively, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor to ensure the best workmanship for your retaining wall installation.



Although protection from the elements is critical, beauty is an important feature of any feature. After all, this will be part of the landscape design and we want it to be a seamless and attractive addition! Unilock coping allows you to make your wall a focal point of your yard, or to blend the aesthetics of the wall with its surroundings. With a variety of colors, textures and styles, Unilock wall coping adds the finishing touch to your retaining wall.

Ledgestone coping complements almost any home architecture color or design, while Estate Wall has warmer colors and resembles weathered natural stone.

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With its rounded edge, Brussels Fullnose coping allows for increased seating on low walls, coming in handy when you have large groups or parties. A wide ledge can serve as additional serving space for drinks or plates and utensils. Planting draping plants at the edge of your wall adds interest and color. Or, you can use potted plants to dress up your retaining wall. Finally, the edge that coping brings to your wall even allows for concealed lighting…what could be more lovely?!


Coping provides superior protection coping adds for your retaining wall and ensures a more durable structure. Providing a flawless finish to the wall you choose to complement your home and landscape, coping can be as decorative or seamless as you wish. And since that river no longer floods your yard, you can plan outdoor events with confidence.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with Estate Wall retaining wall, topped with Estate Wall coping.



Enhance Your Retaining Wall with These Coping Options in Pittsburgh, PA

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