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Designing the Perfect Patio for Your Needs and Space

Patios can be beautiful and highly personal extensions of your living space. With gorgeous paving stones underfoot and perfectly placed structures that define how you will you use your space outside, you can ultimately enhance the way you live your life and the amount of time you spend in the fresh air. To design the perfect patio for your lifestyle and your family’s needs, careful consideration should be given to where you place it, how you use it, and, of course, how it looks.



The ultimate placement of your new patio will affect its usage frequency and whether or not it meets your intended needs. For example, positioning a dining patio far from the indoor kitchen in order to take advantage of the amazing views could quickly become a regret once you realize the inconvenience of transporting food back and forth during a dinner party. A better use for a remote spot with a view could be a seating area or gazebo.

Think about any “out of sight, out of mind” spaces in your landscape that are rarely used because they’re awkwardly placed, poorly sized for their intended use, or just don’t fit into your lifestyle. Could a small seating area, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor fireplace revitalize this area? You could find the answers in the Unilock Design Idea Catalog — use it to view past patio projects for inspiration.



Design considerations to increase functionality include the size of the patio, as a whole, and individually defined areas — consider any elevation changes, as well as the style, texture, size, and colors of the pavers (light colors can be cooler on the feet). Unilock features a variety of pavers for every conceivable patio application, and Unilock Authorized Contractors can help turn your vision into a master plan for a dream patio.

You’ll quickly discover the options are endless. Carefully designed plantings such as trellises with flowering plants can hide unattractive views, and provide privacy and wind protection. A beautiful pergola offers welcome shade. Down below, attractive pavers will provide visual interest as well as level spaces for dining and seating. Multi-level patios make the most of sloped or awkward lots. Low retaining walls and patio structures such as pavilions help define spaces.

Once you’ve given thought to the features you would like to incorporate into your paver patio, also pay attention to the flow. Placement of furniture, walls, or plantings affect how people move through a space, as they mingle at a dinner party, or serve drinks. An awkward flow inhibits movement and enjoyment.

Designing the Perfect Patio for Your Needs and Space

An artful use of Unilock pavers in contrasting colors helps draw the eye to an elevation change, and Unilock walls provide clear definition for each space.



It is generally recommended that the aesthetics of a patio fit those of the dwelling. Choose materials and styles that bring out the best in your home. For example, the traditional look of sable Unilock Mattoni herringbone pavers with dark accents works beautifully with colonial or rustic homes, while a mix of large Umbriano pavers from Unilock complement the boldness of minimalist modern structures.

If you need help with creativity, a Unilock Authorized Contractor can direct you toward an artistic vision that elevates your patio from ordinary to exceptional by blending different architectural styles.


Expanding Your Time Outdoors

The design of your perfect patio leads to the expansion of your time outdoors, as you’ll want to enjoy the outdoor space you have curated to the fullest extent. Outdoor livability is made possible when the patio’s location, function, and aesthetics combine in a way that fits with your lifestyle and expresses your unique style.

Designing the Perfect Patio for Your Needs and Space

This beautiful Richcliff patio with Copthorne accents and banding creates a well-defined, inviting, elegant, and supremely livable space.


Choosing the best products, and having them installed by professionals, ensures that your investment yields the enjoyment you expect for many years to come. Since 1972, Unilock has been on the same page as our customers: We want you to have the best value, and we are committed to your satisfaction with our products and workmanship. Our commitment to our customers means we are with you through the entire process, from helping you choose your beautiful patio pavers to connecting you with the expertise you need. When it comes to choices, Unilock offers high-quality paver products in styles, materials, and colors you won’t find anywhere else for truly beautiful outdoor spaces.

Designing the Perfect Patio for Your Needs and Space

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