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Designing a Stylish Seating Area around a Fire Pit or Fire Table in Olathe, KS

Designing a Stylish Seating Area around a Fire Pit or Fire Table in Olathe, KS


No Olathe, KS, backyard is complete without the luxury and comfort provided by a fire feature. Two popular fire feature options are the fire pit and the fire table. These features both have the benefits of being focal points around which comfortable and accessible seating can be arranged. Here we’ll take a look at some of the ways this can be done, as well as some things to consider when deciding between a fire pit or fire table:


Benefits of a fire pit

A fire pit brings with it the rustic ambience of the classic campfire. The design is normally low to the ground and is typically round or square in shape. Both shape styles have their own pros and cons when it comes to accommodating seating. Circular fire pits can be encircled by a semi-circular permanent seating arrangement, however long pieces of moveable furniture, such as outdoor sofas, are harder to place around a circular fire pit. For this, a square fire pit is a better option. Because square fire pits are better suited to straight, bench-like seating, they can often accommodate fewer people, making them better for smaller gatherings. For a simple, quick-to-install solution, consider taking advantage of the Sunset Firepit Kit from Unilock, which is available in both square and round shape options.


Benefits of a fire table

By contrast, fire tables tend to be taller and more rectangular, and are designed to accommodate seating in the same way a coffee table or small dining table might. Fire tables normally use gas as a fuelling method, with the heat and size of the flame being modulated by an adjustable valve. Because of their long, clean lines, fire tables generally suit a more modern aesthetic. Unilock offers a number of wall units which can be used in the construction of sleek, modern fire tables, including the quintessentially modern wall unit, Lineo Dimensional Stone.

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What materials should I choose?

Choosing a material for your fire pit, fire table and permanent seating is easy, thanks to the selection of wall units offered by Unilock. A uniform look, which entails using the same wall unit for both seating structures and fire feature, can help to maintain cohesion. Consider, for example, using Rivercrest Wall for both fire pit and permanent seating. A Brussels Fullnose coping can then be used to finish off both features and provide a comfortable surface on which to sit.


Permanent seating or moveable furniture?

Homeowners often wonder whether to include permanent seating around their fire feature or if it’s better to rely solely on moveable furniture that can be brought in as needed. However, one option does not preclude the other. Often, a combination of both permanent and moveable seating is best. A round fire pit, with a semi-circular seating wall, leaves open the option to include comfortable outdoor bucket chairs or loungers. This way, you can rest assured that there will always be enough seating around your favorite backyard feature, even when hosting large gatherings and special occasions.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall fire pit and permanent seating arrangement with Brussels Fullnose coping.


Designing a Stylish Seating Area around a Fire Pit or Fire Table in Olathe, KS


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