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Design Options for Sleek Modern Fire Pits in Lansing, Ann Arbor

There are few ways to really set your Lansing or Ann Arbor, MI, yard apart other than to invest in a fire pit. The element of fire not only gives the setting a sense of spectacle but also has the added advantage of providing warmth and keeping your yard functional through those cold winter months.

Square Fire Pit

The choice the shape and the materials used for the construction of your fire pit are essential in defining its design. Nothing speaks the modern design language as well as a traditional rectangular or square fire pit. With its sleek straight lines, it can easily complement existing features and contemporary landscaping patterns in your yard for a sense of conformity in the overall design. Moreover, this style choice works well in a traditionally designed yard providing an interesting contrasting element to curves and natural shapes that may be present. Using Unilock Lineo Dimensional Stone with its sleek, contemporary design and understated colors can further contribute a modern touch to square fire pit design.
In a similar way, the sharper lines of a rectangular or square fire pit can be softened by using materials like Brussels Dimensional System with its rugged, roughhewn surface texture. Another way to achieve this effect is to use rounded coping like Brussels Fullnose coping to soften the edges, giving you a wonderful amalgamation of straight lines and soft edges. With easy installation available thanks to the Sunset Firepit Kit, this effect is achievable with unmatched convenience.

Circular Fire Pit

For an unbeatable campfire ambience, a circular fire pit design is recommended. Circular fire pit designs are perfectly compatible with rustic and traditional landscape designs and can even be used to contrast the hard lines and sleek surfaces of a modern design. Consider incorporating materials that highlight the circular fire pit’s rustic appeal, such as Brussels Dimensional System or Rivercrest Wall. This ensures a design that is natural in both shape and detail.

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Fire Pit Liners

The choice of fire pit liner is also an important consideration for your design. Should your yard favor a sleek modern look, consider a rectangular or square fire pit with a complementary liner in it to conform to the overall shape and design. However, if your yard has a mix of modern and traditional design cues, a square fire pit with a ring shaped liner is ideal, contrasting the sheer straight lines with the curves of the circle in the centre.

Fire Tables

A fire table takes the drama offered by a fire pit and turns it into a practical and stunning feature. A rectangular fire table follows the cues of modern design even better than fire pits which tend to have a more rustic and traditional feel. It also follows the modern design philosophy of form following function by providing you with functional space as a table. At Unilock, our Rivercrest Wall is a favorite for fire tables with its traditional natural stone texture complementing the modern rectangular table shape.

The title image features an Artline paver patio with a Lineo Dimensional Stone fire table.

Design options for Sleek Modern Fire Pits in Lansing, Ann Arbor MI

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