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Do Your Current Patio Pavers Meet These Essential Requirements In Suffolk County, NY?

Unilock pavers have become widely renowned as a reliable, enduring paver option with near-limitless versatility and aesthetic potential. When it comes to expectations for a patio paver, Unilock products tick all the boxes – and exceed them. Ask yourself whether your current paver system offers all these benefits and whether upgrading to a selection of Unilock pavers will improve your Suffolk County, NY, hardscape.

Unwavering strength and flexibility

Certain areas of your patio are bound to experience more foot-traffic that others, such as your outdoor kitchen or walkways, for example. The joints between a system of small concrete pavers can make these surfaces far more flexible than large expanses of poured concrete or large format pavers. They also yield to the natural expansion and contraction of the underlying earth. Consider, for example, classic Courtstone or vibrant and eye-catching Copthorne pavers for these areas.
If small pavers aren’t the ideal fit for your sleek, modern outdoor kitchen, there are large format pavers from Unilock created and reinforced in innovative ways to offer unbeatable durability. Richcliff pavers, for example, are large format pavers equipped with Ultima Concrete Technology, which grants them four times the strength of poured concrete. These pavers also emulate the timeless beauty and elegance of natural stone, making them ideal candidates for a luxurious outdoor kitchen.

Convenience and low-maintenance

Umbriano pavers, despite their sleek appearance, have non-slip surfaces ideal for pool decks and walkways. Pool decks created using Umbriano pavers tend to bear a luxurious or resort-like look because the pavers are not only large and smooth, but also mimic expensive natural granite.
Your outdoor kitchen, as well as any area where children may eat and play, is bound to endure a few spills and messes. EasyClean Stain Resistance helps to prevent the formation of stains and makes pavers easy to clean. Artline pavers, for example, are stain resistant and are also a favorite for use within modern hardscapes due to their clean edges and neutral color palette.

The title image features a patio paved with Artline pavers from Unilock in a 2 Color Blend.


Resistance to fading

Enduracolor Facemix Technology ensures that Unilock pavers are highly resistant to fading, regardless of how much UV light they are exposed to. This process concentrates fine, wear-resistant color aggregates on top of a strong foundation of coarse aggregates. The concentrated top layer prevents the coarser aggregates underneath from ever showing through.
Il Campo pavers are available in an array of rich colors such as Coffee Creek and Heritage Brown. These pavers are imbued with EnduraColor Facemix Technology to ensure that their surface colors remain as vibrant as the day they were installed. These pavers also have a unique brushed surface texture and can be used to create truly captivating patios.

Contributing to a healthy ecosystem

Unilock pavers are also available in a number of permeable options, such as Uni Eco-Stone and Thornbury pavers. This means that they are able to return rainwater to the ecosystem rather than letting it accumulate on the patio until it eventually runs into stormwater drains. Water that accumulates on top of paved surfaces can form puddles that stain the pavers and this is also prevented with the use of permeable pavers.

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Do Your Current Patio Pavers Meet These Essential Requirements In Suffolk County, NY?


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