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Creative Hardscaping Ideas for Westchester County, NY, Backyards

A one size fits all approach to landscaping backyards might produce aesthetically balanced and pleasing views, but few families will be completely satisfied with the results. Instead, a creative approach to hardscaping for Westchester County, NY, backyards requires an individualized approach. The members of the household, the lifestyle led by the family, and the intentions for the space should all be defining factors for hardscapes, as well as the design styles used in their creation.

Kid-Friendly Designs

In the rush to design an impressive spectacle of landscaping loveliness, usefulness can often get lost in the process. While the aesthetics in these instances might be remarkable, the value and enjoyment of the property will be affected. With children in the family, make arrangements for room to play. Ample space, safety precautions, and fun features should be the hallmarks of this area. Fortunately, for your patio and pool decking, anti-slip patio pavers are the rule rather than the exception from Unilock. Furthermore, Unilock Authorized Contractors will be knowledgeable and prepared to assist with planning, foresee potential problems, and make suggestions to ensure that your family can have as much fun as possible in your backyard space.

Entertainment and Relaxation

Room to relax or entertain is another need for any backyard design. Places to sit in an atmosphere where gathering or relaxation is the focus are essential. For these efforts, incorporate privacy in the form of a patio wall constructed with Lineo Dimensional Stone or Estate Wall from the Unilock catalog or a screen of evergreen shrubs. The sense of coziness provided by this is truly necessary for guests to feel comfortable relaxing in your outdoor spaces. You might also add a fire pit or other conversation centerpiece to focus the group setting of your design.

Outdoor Cooking Areas

Perhaps the most luxurious and practical trend in outdoor entertainment is the full-scale outdoor kitchen. From the simple grill with counter setup to the three sided, fully stocked outdoor cooking space with refrigerator, sink, and plentiful storage and counter space, an outdoor kitchen design can vary greatly. Unilock vertical building units are fully appropriate for the construction of such facilities.

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Tickle Every Sense

Finally, once you’ve established that functional needs are met with hardscape features, look to aesthetics. Rather than just visual interest, incorporate something that will tickle every sense, such as water or fire features. Offering something for every sense, a water feature, fire feature, or a combination of the two will add an immeasurable quality to your landscaping design. Some trendy ideas include combining a waterfall with a flame burning within the same unit, a cascading water fall inside a swimming pool or pond, or a Lineo Dimensional Stone fire table where a meal can be enjoyed with a flame burning in the center of the table. As you determine the features that you’d like for your landscape, a bit of creativity and the guidance of a knowledgeable professional will ensure that you have a feast for the senses and space to enjoy your outdoor lifestyle in a safe, fun, and unforgettable fashion.

The title image features a low wall and water feature built from Estate Wall in Walnut with a Dawn Mist Richcliff patio.

Creative Hardscaping Ideas for Westchester County, NY, Backyards


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