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Coping Options for your Dayton, OH Fire Pit Seating Area

Coping Options for your Dayton, OH Fire Pit Seating Area


Fire pits are a beautiful centerpiece for any landscape design. Guests are naturally drawn to gather around these beautiful elements, so it’s important that there is adequate seating to accommodate them. As an essential part of a permanent seating space, coping ensures that the surface of your seating walls is smooth, comfortable and ready for the party. Unilock offers many coping options designed to enhance any style theme. With these high-quality coping options from Unilock, your fire pit area is sure to be an evening attraction.


Natural Stone Coping

For fans of authentic natural stone, Unilock has two excellent options. Limestone and Sandstone coping units can both make great additions to any fire pit and fire pit seating area. Limestone offers a cooler spectrum of colors in the form of Black River and Winter Mist, and while Black River is not suitable for use in close proximity to fire, both make excellent permanent seating coping options. Sandstone, on the other hand offers an array of shades that will highlight the warm ambience of a fire pit area. Unilock Sandstone is available in Stone Cliff Grey and Indian Coast. Both Sandstone and Limestone offer Natural Edge coping for a uniquely textured seating space. The Premium Quality Natural Stone obtained by Unilock is of the highest quality, and is backed by a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee. Unilock Natural Stone from Europe and Asia is also backed by the humanitarian standards of the Ethical Trade Initiative. Natural stone is a visually appealing option that will add a natural feel to your fire pit seating area.

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Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger

Brussels Fullnose Coping is an ideal choice of coping both for your seating area, as well as the fire pit itself. It has a rounded edge, which makes for a comfortable, non-abrasive seating surface. This coping option can be installed on both straight and curved walls, depending on whether your fire pit or surrounding seating presents a square or round style. Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger offer a wide spectrum of colors, which are ideal for achieving numerous visual effects. Your fire pit can be highlighted or complemented with colors such as Coffee, Creek, Limestone, Sandstone, and Sierra, leaving you with plenty of room to get creative.

Brussels Fullnose Coping will perfectly complement Brussels Block pavers and Brussels Dimensional Stone wall units with it’s weathered texture and tumbled edge. If you already have these other products in place, this is the perfect coping option for your fire pit seating area.


Ledgestone Coping

Ledgestone coping offers the beautiful texture of a hand carved stone edge, and is also available in a Fullnose Coping option. Both are ideal for seating, and can present a stunning edge for your fire pit as well. Accent light or dark surrounding pavers with Ledgestone’s color options of Buff or Grey.

Adding coping to a seating area around a fire pit will create an appealing area for entertainment. You and your guests can be seated comfortably upon beautiful surfaces that will last for many seasons. Speak with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today to discuss these options and more for your Dayton, OH fire pit.

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional Stone fire pit and seating wall with Brussels Fullnose coping.



Coping Options for your Dayton, OH Fire Pit Seating Area


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