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Concrete Wall Units or Natural Stone for Your Hamilton, Ontario, Retaining Wall?

Concrete Wall Units or Natural Stone for Your Hamilton, Ontario, Retaining Wall?


Whether your yard is prone to erosion because of steep slopes and hilly terrain, or you’re looking for a way to add multiple levels, structure and a sense of depth to your backyard, retaining walls are the perfect solution. Retaining walls can incorporate a number of different materials, depending on the strength and height requirements of the wall. Traditionally, retaining walls were built from dry-stacked natural stone, and later stone and mortar. Improving on these methods, while maintaining the traditional charm of natural stone, Unilock offers Hamilton, Ontario, homeowners a number of styles of interlocking concrete wall units that provide even more advantages – and none of the disadvantages of natural stone – for creating strong and durable retaining walls. So if you’re wondering whether to opt for natural stone or concrete wall units for your retaining wall system, Unilock has the solution for you!


Stacked Flagstone vs. Rivercrest Wall

Dry-stacked natural stone offers a stunning, richly detailed look. Each stone is completely unique, ensuring that no two walls are the same. However, the strength of a dry-stacked natural stone wall cannot come close to that of an interlocking concrete wall unit retaining wall. To give you the absolute best of both worlds, Unilock offers Rivercrest Wall. Rivercrest Wall is a reliable wall unit with a multitude of applications, including pillars, steps, retaining walls, seating walls and kitchen grill islands. Best of all, Rivercrest Wall offers a convincing stacked flagstone appearance. Because Rivercrest Wall incorporates Reala Surface Technology, a manufacturing process whereby units are cast from molds of hundreds of pieces of actual natural stone, a Rivercrest Wall retaining wall offers a comparable level of uniqueness to an authentic stone wall. Rivercrest Wall comes in the colors Buff and Coastal Slate, and can be complemented with sleek modern pavers, such as Series and Umbriano.

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Stone Blocks vs Brussels Dimensional Stone

Brussels Dimensional Stone units offer the look and feel of tumbled quarried stone blocks. Each unit is one of a kind, and there are so many color options available that you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one that matches the color pallette of your landscape design. The benefits of opting for Brussels Dimensional Stone over natural stone blocks lie in the dimensional accuracy, coupled with the affordability of this wall unit.


Pisa2 versus Natural Stone for Curved Walls

An important consideration in choosing between stone or concrete wall units from Unilock is whether or not your design calls for a curved wall. While natural stone blocks, boulders, or pieces, can be used to create curved retaining walls, these are often limited in height. On the other hand, a heavy-duty retaining wall unit, such as Pisa2 can be used to construct retaining walls of monumental proportions. The tapered units offered by Pisa2 ensure that fluid curves and sweeping bends can be incorporated into the wall without compromising on its integrity or appearance. In addition, Pisa2 presents a Split and Weathered face, so you can maintain a rugged, natural appearance for your wall while reaping the benefits of this highly stable unit.

A retaining wall does not have to be only one level. With a tiered retaining wall, you can plant traditional grass or tall grasses for a more modern look. The lowest tier can even add outdoor seating. Adding smaller rocks and evergreens keeps the look simple and low maintenance. Trailing vines can elevate the look of a retaining wall, especially when they bloom! Or you can add a split rail fence at the top edge of the wall to incorporate more natural texture and interest. All this – and more – is possible with Unilock Walls and Verticals.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall retaining wall with Series accents and an Umbriano patio.



Concrete Wall Units or Natural Stone for Your Hamilton, Ontario, Retaining Wall?


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