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Concrete Verticals that Pair Perfectly with Irregular Flagstone Patios and Walkways in White Plains, NY

Flagstone is a popular surface covering for patios and walkways, and there’s no doubt that the irregular shapes and broken lines of the stones make for a high degree of visual interest. However, because of the unpredictability of the shapes, it is often difficult to find a material for vertical structures that doesn’t clash with the randomness of the paving. Fortunately for homeowners in White Plains, NY, Unilock offers a number of wall units that are compatible with the vibrant flagstone aesthetic.

Rivercrest Wall

One of the best ways to match a flagstone patio or walkway is by incorporating a similar aesthetic in the vertical structures. You don’t want a vertical surface that is identical to the flooring, however, as this can make the space seem too busy. With Rivercrest Wall’s stacked flagstone appearance, this match is seamless. The natural detail of Rivercrest Wall units complement that of a flagstone patio floor without clashing. This is owed to the horizontal emphasis of the wall units aesthetic. The two color options of Rivercrest Wall ensure that any colors present in the flagstone floor are similarly highlighted and complemented. These colors include the neutral and subtle shades of Coastal Slate and Buff, respectively.

The title image features a front entrance built with Rivecrest Wall in Coastal Slate.


Brussels Dimensional System

Rather than seeking to match the shape and texture of flagstone flooring, the Brussels Dimensional System pairs with irregular flagstone by offering contrast. The fine, timeworn stone texture of Brussels Dimensional System is sufficiently different to that of flagstone to allow the two to appear as separate, complementary hardscape elements. The color options in which the Brussels Dimensional System is available are also helpful for contributing to either harmony or contrast between the two, depending on your tastes. With color options such as Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Sierra, Terra Cotta, and New York Blend each presenting multiple undertones, the gradient colors of flagstone can be reflected in the vertical structures. The Limestone and Sandstone color options, on the other hand, are less varied, so can be used to highlight the color changes of a flagstone patio floor.

Concord Wall

Because flagstone surfaces are so random, it can help to introduce order to the space by including bold wall units that act as a visual anchor. Concord Wall is one such unit that injects a sense of stability, both physically and visually. Its split-face rock finish and substantial dimensions deliver boldness and strength, while the setback design ensures stability of the structure. Concord Wall is available in the natural color options of Granite, Almond Grove, and Sierra, each suitable to the different color variations found in natural flagstone.

Estate Wall

Similarly, Estate Wall provides a bold anchor with its size and rugged appearance while remaining in line with the rustic aesthetic provided by flagstone. The Granite color option is especially suited to allowing the natural warmth of flagstone flooring to take centre stage, while the Sierra, Almond Grove, and Walnut color options can be used to highlight or contrast the colors of flagstone to varying degrees.

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Concrete Verticals that Pair Perfectly with Irregular Flagstone Patios and Walkways in White Plains, NY


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