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Complement Your Unilock Pool Deck with the Proper Outdoor Furniture

Complement Your Unilock Pool Deck with the Proper Outdoor Furniture in Mount Laurel NJ


Outdoor furniture is essential for comfortable outdoor living. However, finding a balance between comfort and style leaves many homeowners stumped. Here is a guide to choosing outdoor furniture that suits your needs and complements your Unilock product selection in Mount Laurel, NJ.

When To Try Wicker

Wicker furniture, and similarly textured alternatives, may not be as prominent as they once were but still have their rightful place in outdoor living design. Their hand-made appearance can add character and a welcoming atmosphere to any outdoor room. They ideally conform to curved rather than geometric shapes, however, sleek wicker recliners are a charming addition to a poolside. They are usually fitted with comfortable upholstery and throws or accent cushions that further establish their character. The wholesome look and feel of wicker pairs best with a textured patio floor composed of large format paver pavers, stone slabs or pavers with a natural stone appearance, such as Thornbury. Consider tossing a yellow throw over a wicker recliner to contrast Dawn Mist Richcliff pavers or Stone Cliff Grey Sandstone slabs .

Going Geometric

Poolside recliners, as we now know them, are sleek and luxurious with metal or plastic frames. A neutral color palette is often the best option for their upholstery, as it is likely to complement modern design features. However, bold patterns like chevrons and polka dots can also be tactfully incorporated into a modern pool deck design. Pavers that would best suit this kind of furniture arrangement include Senzo and Umbriano pavers. That being said, it’s worth noting that Umbriano pavers are incredibly versatile. Their mottled granite-like surfaces can just as easily complement more textured and organic materials like wood. There are various Unilock products that offer the same level of versatility. Peruse our comprehensive catalog to find them!


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Setting Up Comfy Sofas

A poolside does not have to be lined with an army of recliners – especially if sunbathing is not your cup of tea. In the design of your outdoor living space, your unique needs and preferences dictate what is included and where convention is ignored. For example, you could adorn your poolside with a collection of plush, comfortable sofas instead. A furniture arrangement like this prioritizes group conversation over individual relaxation. Nestling a fire pit in the center is the perfect personalized touch that will enable you to enjoy the area long after sunset. An overhead structure will keep you cool during the hottest hours of the day and protect your furniture from the elements. A cozy furniture arrangement like this would pair well with small, linear pavers like Mattoni or Artline pavers. However, the pavers you select to match your sofas will largely depend on their shape and style.

These guidelines are in no way comprehensive but are rather examples of concepts that have been known to work. Break the rules and defy convention to create a poolscape that exhibits your unique style.


The title image features a Thornbury pool deck.


Complement Your Unilock Pool Deck with the Proper Outdoor Furniture in Mount Laurel NJ


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