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Choosing the Right Pavers for Your Saltwater Pool Deck

Choosing the Right Pavers for Your Saltwater Pool Deck in Rochester, NY

There are a number of factors to look at when choosing pavers for poolside surrounds, particularly when the pool itself uses saltwater chlorination methods. Saltwater has the tendency to leave residue on pavers when it dries, and can even be corrosive to certain hardscaping materials. To guard against this, pavers should be chosen with durability and chemical resistance in mind. Fortunately, Unilock offers a simply massive selection of pavers with properties ideally suited for these purposes. Here are some tips on selecting the right pavers for use around saltwater pool deck:

Choose Pavers that are Easy to Clean

Because of the residue left behind when salt water dries, you’ll want to ensure that the surface of the pavers you choose is easy to clean and non-porous. This way you can easily remove the residue and prevent stains from occuring. Pavers equipped with Unilock proprietary EasyClean Stain Resistance are ideal for exactly this. EasyClean Stain Resistance is a surface integrated treatment that ensures that salt and even grease, oil and food stains are easily eliminated. Pavers featuring this technology include Umbriano and Senzo pavers from Unilock. In addition, Senzo and Umbriano are resistant to damage from chlorine and de-icing salts, making these two pavers ideal for keeping your outdoor areas looking great throughout both summer and winter. Although EasyClean Stain Resistance technology is built into these pavers, Unilock pavers not equipped with this technology can be sealed for additional protection against saltwater.

Choose Pavers with Highly Durable Surfaces

A paver with a durable surface is of top priority when it comes to poolside surrounds. Not only is this important in resisting any potentially corrosive liquids, it’s also essential for resisting the effects of lifelong sun exposure that poolside surrounds are often subject to. For this, Unilock has formulated EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes and EnduraColor FaceMix Technology. These manufacturing processes combine coarse aggregates, for a strong paver base, and fine but highly durable, wear-resistant aggregates which form the paver surface. This process ensures that the paver remains colorfast and pristine, despite the mechanical, chemical or climactic pressures it may face. Pool deck pavers that are equipped with these technologies include, but are not limited to, Beacon Hill Flagstone, Bristol Valley, Thornbury, Il Campo, Umbriano, Richcliff, Senzo and Series.

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Choose Pavers that are Non-Slip

Backyard safety should always be top priority when choosing pavers for your saltwater pool deck, regardless of the project involved. Poolside surfaces are of particular concern because they are so frequently exposed to water. Fortunately, Unilock pavers are manufactured to ensure a non-slip surface, even when wet. Even Unilock pavers with relatively smooth or honed surfaces provide reliable grip underfoot. Consider Senzo pavers for example. Senzo features a smooth surface infused with granite and quartz particles. Despite this, you can rest assured that your poolside surrounds paved with Senzo pavers will provide a safe surface upon which your family can enjoy summertime fun around the pool. For a more textured choice, you might consider Beacon Hill Flagstone, whose deep textures and rich flagstone surface texture make it an ideal option for ensuring poolside safety.

The title image features a pool deck paved with Umbriano in the Winter Marvel color option.


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