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Choosing the Right Materials for your Formal Stamford, CT, Landscape Design

Choosing the Right Materials for your Formal Stamford, CT, Landscape Design


Constructing a patio, poolscape or outdoor kitchen for your Stamford, CT, home can be daunting because it’s so permanent. It is an investment that should, ideally, last a few decades without requiring repair or renovation. Many homeowners worry about choosing materials that will become dated, fail to stand the test of time or simply pair poorly. Fear not, the Unilock Outdoor Idea Center showcases the most popular Unilock products so that they can be paired, compared and scrutinized in order to select the best match for your project. Here are a few additional tips to simplify your material selection:

Find Your Aesthetic Theme

When having a film or book recommended to you, chances are that your first and most important question is always: “What is it about?” The answer will attempt to define the genre and main message of the film, which will determine your affection towards it. Being able to define the style and character of any living space is an integral part of penning its design to paper. Do you have a large family perfectly suited to a traditional farmhouse or country-style aesthetic? Tumbled pavers with a warm relaxed appearance, such as Brussels Block pavers are good candidates for the execution of this aesthetic theme. If your taste in fashion, art and music is current and contemporary then you may want to reflect this personal style in the design of your outdoor space. Sleek Senzo pavers, which feature bold color gradients, are excellent additions to modern hardscapes with personalized flair. Your aesthetic theme dictates the type of materials you will use and the kind of textures you will play around with.

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Consider The Setting

Outdoor rooms are distinctly different from indoor rooms, regardless of how blurred the lines between these two realms have recently become. Outdoor rooms offer spaciousness, freshness and an adventurous nature unmatched by any indoor room. Consider just how organic and unrefined you would like your outdoor rooms to be – would you like to get ever-closer to nature? In that case, feel free to peruse the selection of Natural Stone, offered by Unilock. Perhaps you would prefer to bring the luxury of the indoors outside, expanding your living space without incorporating much of your natural landscape in its design. Umbriano pavers emulate the luxury of authentic granite tiles and are a favorite for refined hardscapes. For additional accents, consider pairing Umbriano with Courtstone pavers for contrast. Your commitment to retaining the look and feel of the great outdoors will affect your material selection as it will guide your use of organic products, rugged textures or sleek alternatives.

Define Your Color Palette

You don’t have to narrow your color palette down to a few precise shades. However, you should be clear on whether you want your outdoor living space to be warm, cool, or balanced – for example. A small living space may require the predominant use of light shades in order to make it look more spacious. Decide on a general color palette and have fun experimenting with more specific shades as your peruse potential materials. Most Unilock products are available in warm and cool color options with varying undertones and detailed gradients.

The title image features an Umbriano driveway with Courtstone accents.


Choosing the Right Materials for your Formal Stamford, CT, Landscape Design


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