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Choosing Concrete Blocks over Timber for Retaining Walls in Dayton, OH

Choosing Concrete Blocks over Timber for Retaining Walls in Dayton, OH


The design options offered by both concrete blocks and timber are endless. If you are debating which materials to choose for your Dayton, OH, backyard, however, there is only one clear choice. In the past, timber was extremely popular because of its natural appearance and easy availability. However, over the years, concrete blocks have been perfected to the point that they can recreate the look of various types of natural stone. They are also far more durable than timber retaining walls. Here is why you should undoubtedly choose concrete blocks over timber for your retaining wall:

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Concrete retaining walls outlast timber retaining walls

Concrete retaining walls will not only outlast timber walls, they can also be installed quickly and easily, without even using mortar to bond the stones together. A timber retaining wall can last a little over a decade, if treated properly. If not maintained, the lifespan of a timber wall is around 3 to 5 years.

To keep its fresh look, timber requires serious maintenance. The material will hold up for so many years only if its pressure-treated with chemicals. If not repeated regularly, this treatment will wear off and fade, leaving behind an eyesore. Timber is also very susceptible to rot, splintering, and warping. Unilock concrete walls will literally save you thousands of dollars that you will have to pour into the maintenance of timber, and its eventual replacement.

Before choosing timber as your building material, consider the durability and longevity of the retaining wall. Unilock concrete blocks are made using proprietary technologies that guarantee the durability, strength, and flexibility of the wall. Concrete retaining walls built with Unilock products, such as Rivercrest Wall, are easy to construct and require very little maintenance. This wall unit mimics the original look of stacked flagstone and will beautify your landscape with its neutral color shades of Buff or Coastal Slate. Rivercrest Wall offers the affordability of concrete but character of natural stone, and will add a subtle but elegant look that will last for orders of magnitude longer than a timber construction.


Concrete walls are more than decoration

In general, timber walls are used as decorative retaining walls that are not suitable for building high walls with great load bearing capacity. If you consider the safety aspects and the importance of the longevity of the wall, concrete blocks will ensure that you have a stable, sturdy structure that keeps the soil in place, even under extreme circumstances. Choose the natural ledge rock look of Estate Wall to create different vertical structures in your backyard. If you require heavy-duty walls, SienaStone is the ideal choice. This wall unit creates structures that are both functional and visually elegant.


Concrete blocks are more versatile

Unilock concrete wall units allow for the creative design of retaining walls. Unilock offers a diverse range of wall units, each with a unique surface texture, range of colors, and captivating style. While timber offers a number of different aesthetics, its visual capacity is limited by its function in the case of retaining walls.

The title image features Rivercrest Wall retaining walls and steps in the Coastal Slate color option, capped with Ledgestone coping in Buff.


Choosing Concrete Blocks over Timber for Retaining Walls in Dayton, OH


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