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Choose These Patio Stones for Year-Round Outdoor Living in Kitchener, Ontario

Choose These Patio Stones for Year-Round Outdoor Living in Kitchener, Ontario


In the summer in Kitchener, Ontario, social gatherings take to the outdoors. And while backyard entertaining might taper off in the fall and winter, the patio stones that comprise your hardscape remain to face the elements. To ensure that your outdoor living area remains welcoming and useable, year after year, season after season, Unilock pavers incorporate a host of proprietary manufacturing technologies to extend their lifespan and keep them looking like new.


Effortless Entertaining and Easy Cleanups

When entertaining outdoors, spills are bound to happen. Sticky barbecues, messy childrens’ parties and the occasional splash of red wine can take a toll on an outdoor entertainment area. Fortunately, EasyClean Stain Resistance from Unilock allows spills to be cleaned up effortlessly, before a stain can form. This manufacturing technology makes pavers impervious to grease and liquids that would otherwise penetrate deep into their surfaces.

You can take advantage of this technology by choosing Umbriano pavers for your patio project. As well as being protected from marks and stains, Umbriano pavers present an attractive mottled surface that flawlessly emulates the look and feel of natural granite. This is done using a random dispersion of granite particles throughout the paver’s surface. Umbriano is available in classic granite coloring, in the form of the exclusive Winter Marvel, French Grey, Harvest Brown, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat and Autumn Sunset color options.


Perpetual Elegance

Pavers from the EnduraColor Plus line from Unilock feature EnduraColor Plus Facemix Technology which ensures that the color of the pavers remains rich and vibrant for the long duration of the patio stones’ lifetime. This is achieved through a specially development manufacturing process that combines two layers of aggregates – fine, hardwearing aggregates as a surface layer, and strong, larger aggregates as a solid foundation underneath.

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It’s this technology that gives Richcliff pavers their everlasting sophistication. Richcliff pavers are as elegant as they are hardwearing, and are ideal for patios that aspire to a relaxed, historical atmosphere as a substitute for natural flagstone. You can find Richcliff pavers in the dramatic, Smoke Shale color option, a warm shade of Pebble Taupe, the cooler shade of Dawn Mist, as well as a Pebble Taupe/Dawn Mist combination.


Strength and Character

Unilock pavers equipped with Ultima Concrete Technology prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that brute strength and outstanding beauty are not mutually exclusive. This manufacturing technology grants pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete, ensuring durability and heavy load bearing capabilities. These pavers are ideal for outdoor entertainment areas that are home to heavy pieces of furniture and large, moveable appliances, and patios which generally experience a great deal of use and environmental stress.

Pavers that feature Ultima Concrete Technology include the charming street brick-style Copthorne pavers, as well as Courtstone pavers which feature an old world cobblestone style. In addition, these two pavers feature surfaces uniquely crafted to give them a realistic appearance. This manufacturing process, which involves casts of hundreds of actual brick and cobblestone pieces to ensure a random appearance, is known as Reala Surface Technology, and ensures that Copthorne and Courtstone back up their strength with visual authenticity.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Copthorne accents.

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