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Why Choose Permeable Patio Pavers in Omaha, Lincoln?

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly paving option for your Omaha or Lincoln, NE, patio, why not try permeable pavers. Permeable pavers present a turning point in sustainable home construction and outdoor living, and provide a variety of practical benefits by:

Limiting Flooding

The wet months can wreak havoc on your property, resulting in wet, muddy, and waterlogged areas. This can lead to property damage, damage to the foundation of your home, and a number of other issues. Permeable pavers can be used to limit this by redirecting the water into underground drainage systems or back into natural groundwater tables. When selecting your patio material, consider what effect it could have on these issues.

Reducing Soil Erosion

Similarly, the runoff of stormwater can cause soil erosion to sloped areas of your property and the edges of curves and hardscaped surfaces. Permeable pavers also prevent this dirt from being funneled into your pool. By allowing water to quickly and effectively pass through them, the stormwater that would otherwise result in soil erosion is quickly returned to the ground.

Helping the Environment

As well as helping to support and protect your own property, the beneficial effects of permeable pavers also extend to the greater environment. By limiting stormwater runoff, you effectively reduce the strain on overtaxed stormwater drains. In addition the pollutants and litter that is collected and carried as the stormwater flows through the streets is also reduced. This debris ultimately ends up in natural water systems, so by including permeable pavers in your hardscape, you can do your small part to help prevent this.

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Allowing for Additional Patio Construction

Local regulations can dictate the number of non-permeable structures on a property. This is related to previously mentioned water management and soil erosion issues. If you are near or at the maximum surface area allowed, you may not be able to construct a patio from standard pavers. By using permeable pavers, you can bypass these regulations and legally include additional hardscaped areas on your property.

Being Incredibly Durable

Despite their permeability, these pavers are incredibly durable. They can support heavy loads and vehicular traffic, as well as withstand harsh weather conditions. Sun exposure won’t cause color fading, and the chill of winter won’t freeze and crack them.
You will also discover that they require very little maintenance. In the unlikely event that a paver does become damaged, each paver can be individually lifted and replaced with ease.

Offering a Stunning Surface

The array of permeable paver options, designed to provide both practical and aesthetic qualities, means that they are not just for functionality. If you’re wanting to create a stunningly visual patio that will enchant your family and friends, permeable pavers can provide this too. Town Hall, for example, has the appearance of time-worn brick that can add a historical style to your patio.
Another amazing permeable paver is Thornbury, offering the authentic look of natural flagstone. The detailed, textured surface creates a relaxed surface for patios and its incredible strength makes it ideal for driveways as well.

The title image features a driveway paved with permeable Thornbury pavers in Bavarian Blend.

Why Choose Permeable Patio Pavers in Omaha, Lincoln NE


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