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Adding a patio to your Burlington, ON home? Consider Concrete Pavers for durability and style

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Backyard patios are a major element of many landscape designs. They allow you to expand your living space to the outdoors, which continues to be a hot trend in the Burlington area. Imagine walking outdoors into a space you have created where you can relax by the fire, dine with friends or simply curl up with a good book in a corner of your patio.
While there are numerous material options available for you to consider when building your outdoor patio, if you are looking for a great low maintenance option with a great price point then concrete pavers are sure to be beat out a large number of those choices.

Benefits of Concrete Pavers for Burlington, ON residents

Concrete pavers offer many benefits beyond providing a great surface for your new patio. Working with a landscaping professional will allow you to explore the vast array of benefits to using concrete pavers, as well as the many styles of patios that can be created in your outdoor space.

Paver Design Possibilities

Today, concrete pavers come in a wide variety of colours and styles, far more than we had even five years ago. These choices give you endless design options when designing and installing your hardscape. Whether you prefer swooping curved lines or contemporary straight lines, there is a perfect paver for your patio. Check out this page for more on creating a space that is unique and special.

Durability and Guarantee of Concrete Pavers

The incredible performance of concrete pavers is one of the most valuable advantages of the material choice overall. Using proprietary technology, Unilock produces concrete pavers up to 4x the strength of poured concrete. Learn more about their Ultima Concrete Technology here.
Due to the incredible density of each paver unit, they can withstand a host of elements that they are exposed to on a daily basis from pedestrian traffic, outdoor furniture being moved, and even de-icing products used in the winter months.
Concrete pavers are excellent in regions that experience freeze-thaw conditions like Ontario. As concrete pavers are not one solid hard surface, they expand and move with the freeze-thaw cycle and don’t crack or break as a result. However, should any pavers shift during this cycle, they can easily and quickly be repaired one at a time. Unilock offers a Transferrable Lifetime Guarantee on all of their pavers and Natural Stone products.

Permeable Pavers for Burlington, ON homeowners

In a time when environmental concerns, especially those surrounding water and storm water-runoff are high, permeable pavers are becoming a more popular choice for many Burlington, ON consumers. Permeable pavers are concrete pavers that have wider joints, allowing water to drain through the surface into the base material which contains no fine sediments. Because of the lack of fines, the base can hold larger amounts of water as well. It is an excellent way of paving large areas such as driveways, especially in areas where water is a concern. The design options for permeable pavers are not limited in terms of colour or style, you can still be very creative when using permeable pavers!
Your outdoor patio is a large investment and one that will not only serve your family and friends with a space for living and entertaining, but also can help to increase the value of your Burlington, ON home.
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