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Burlington, ON Landscape Tips: Patio Pavers vs. Natural Stone

Combining Natural Stone and Concrete Pavers in Burlington, ON
So you have decided that your backyard or outside area of your property is in desperate need of sprucing up. Congratulations, you are on your way to getting an enviable outdoor living space! There are many different styles you can choose from and many different designs depending on your taste and budget. One key question that you need to consider before starting any outdoor project is whether you opt for concrete pavers or natural stone. Both have the potential to be stunning, and the what is preferred and best is really up to personal preference. So what should you choose?

Patio Pavers for Burlington, ON

The great thing about deciding to install patio pavers is that you will have a wide variety of choice – no matter what your style, whether it be traditional, modern or contemporary, there will be a patio paver that you will love.
If you have ever seen an 80s movie which shows a beautiful woman walking in Spain on beautiful old-style pavers, then you will love the Copthorne and Courtstone pavers found here. They have taken old-world Europe as inspiration, and you will love the texture and depth that they provide. Other paving solutions include Senzo and Umbriano (also from Unilock) which are more contemporary, with each paver being larger and modern.
Another benefit of patio pavers is that their design is more dynamic today than in years past. With Unilock’s cutting edge manufacturing technology, rarely is one paver’s surface the exact same as the others. They encourage imagination, and can be very pleasing aesthetically pleasing when done properly. Opportunities are literally endless when you decide to install patio pavers on your Burlington, ON property, and your imagination is really the only limitation.

Natural Stone Pavers for Burlington, ON

The main difference between using natural stone and man-made patio pavers is in the name – the stone is naturally occurring, and so the size, shape and color is often predetermined according to nature (although can be manipulated according to taste of course). This appeals to a lot of people as they like the idea that their backyards or outside living area can look natural and ‘untouched’. Natural Stone by Unilock includes granite, limestone and sandstone and offer many benefits over traditional sourced bluestone and flagstone; the main one being the Transferrable Lifetime Guarantee that comes with Unilock’s products.
As long as you get a natural stone paver that is properly sourced, then they will be extremely weather hardy and flexible. There are different styles and colors – Unilock’s sandstone pavers as an example come in 7 colors ranging from Stone Cliff Grey to Autumn Harvest yellow and even Prairie Rose red.

The Verdict

As previously mentioned, there are no massive benefits of one type of paver over the other – it really is up to your personal style, and what will best go with the current theme of your living area. If you favor exposed brick and vintage themes, then patio pavers would probably suit best. If your outdoor space resembles more of a rainforest or natural oasis, then your best bet would be natural stone. It is clear however that no matter what you choose, you can create a living space you will be proud to call your own.
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