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Best Paver Border Ideas for Bluestone Walkways in South Shore, MA

Best Paver Border Ideas for Bluestone Walkways in South Shore, MA Because of its historical use and an abundance of local quarries, bluestone is an East Coast classic. Bluestone is commonly used as a paving stone for walkways and patios, and typically suits a traditional or formal landscape style. If you’re looking for concrete pavers to complement the bluestone walkways and other hardscape features of your South Shore, MA, property, take a look at these products from Unilock:

Copthorne 3 Color Blend

Copthorne pavers are the quintessential brick-style pavers. Their timeworn appearance has been modeled on the brick pavers used in old European cities and villages. In order to achieve authenticity and individual uniqueness, Copthorne pavers have been cast from molds created by hundreds of real bricks. The undisputed advantage of using Copthorne pavers over real bricks is their incredible strength, which has been granted by Ultima Concrete Technology, a proprietary Unilock manufacturing process. The Copthorne 3 Color Blend consists of the warm red/brown color combination of Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, and Old Oak. These colors are ideal for balancing out and contrasting the cool tones of bluestone. The subtle variations of the 3 color options also serve to highlight and pick out different shades contained in bluestone paving stones.

Series in Black Granite

The Black Granite color option of the Series paver range is an excellent choice for creating depth when combined with the greys, blues, and charcoals of bluestone. Series makes an excellent border or accent paver with its subtle granite and quartz aggregate-sparkle and unfading colors. Indeed, Series offers a visually powerful granite appearance that complements bluestone both in color and texture. Combining Series Black Granite and bluestone can also serve to modernize a bluestone patio by creating crisp, sleek lines and a moody color scheme.

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Tribeca Cobble in Peppered Granite

Also offering an appearance that emulates that of granite, Tribeca Cobble in Peppered Granite creates an entirely different aesthetic when combined with natural bluestone. Peppered Granite is a light and subtle shade of grey that can serve to brighten up a sombre bluestone patio or walkway. In addition, Tribeca Cobble presents a more historical appearance with it’s worn and characterful surface texture. Tribeca Cobble is modeled on the traditional imported granite paving stones that old North American streets are famous for. In this way, the combination of Tribeca Cobble and bluestone has a certain authentic charm that is ideal for creating relaxed outdoor spaces that harken back to earlier times. To further facilitate the bordering of walkways, Tribeca Cobble also features a curb unit that can be used to edge flower beds along which the walkway runs.

Brussels Block in Sandstone

If a sunnier look is something you’d like to inject into the aesthetic of your bluestone walkways, look no further than Brussels Block in Sandstone. The Sandstone color option of the classic tumbled block paver from Unilock has a noticeably sunny personality with its golden sandstone coloring. The effect, when combined with natural bluestone, is one of contrast, but also of brightness of mood and creates a more inviting, welcoming outdoor space. Brussels Block has a detailed, tumbled finish that captures the essence of natural stone, and in this case, enhances and deepens its appeal. Additionally, Brussels Block in Sandstone can be used in conjunction with Series in Black Granite and natural bluestone for a double, or multiple border design.

The title image features a walkway paved with Brussels Block in Sandstone with a Black Granite Series border.

Best Paver Border Ideas for Bluestone Walkways in South Shore, MA


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