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Best Natural Stones for your Toronto & Mississauga Patio

The construction of your patio is as significant to your home as any other structure, especially since it will serve as your primary outdoor living space. The materials used should reflect this importance. While Unilock offers the highest quality manufactured building materials, the company also offers the best possible natural stones from trusted quarries around the globe. The stones selected for use offer low water absorption, resistance to brutal freeze and thaw cycles, flexural strength, and surface treatments for protection against fading. They’re also precision cut for optimal performance and ease of placement. For a patio built of the best natural stones available for your Toronto or Mississauga, ON patio, choose from among these options offered by Unilock.

Standard Products

Unilock offers a few natural stone products without the necessity of a special order. Each of these options is carefully quarried and packaged, and treated for durability. It’s also important to note that all natural stone products from Unilock are harvested in fair and ethical working conditions, as demonstrated by the Fairstone marking on the product. For premier quality natural stones, look no further than Unilock.


One premium natural stone offered by Unilock for your patio is Sandstone. Quarried in India, this stone is impressive and durable. The colors offered include Autumn Harvest, Greyfield, Indian Coast, Prairie Rose, Silver Birch, and Stone Cliff Grey. For a patio that is as impressive as your home, choose this natural stone for your construction. With varying textures, subtle coloring, and dependable quality, natural Sandstone provides the quality and aesthetic depth required for truly high end landscape construction.


As a statement making stone, Limestone grabs the attention and makes your patio the central feature of your landscape. In the shade Black River, you can choose this natural stone as an accent or as a focus-grabbing feature of your yard’s design. Either way, this high quality natural stone won’t fail to make an impression. Should your home enjoy a modern architectural flair or if your landscape requires a dramatic feature, this natural stone serving as the building block of your patio will bring the bold and fresh qualities desired.


Strong and full of character, natural stones of Granite incorporate obvious quality into your patio. This option is also available in many colors including Black Oyster, Castle Grey, Galaxy Frost, Polar White, Sable Black, and Tungsten Grey. With so many options and sizes of stones, you can create a masterpiece that will speak volumes about your regard for quality and high end materials. Build your patio with granite to convey a strength of home and character for your family’s landscape.

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Special Order

Other natural stone products available through Unilock hold a special-order status. These unique stones are carefully quarried and specially treated for appearance and longevity. Just as with other Unilock products, these come with a guarantee. For a one-of-a-kind patio, choose a patio design constructed with a rare and high end natural stone. From Unilock, you can order Lavastone, Limestone, Limestone Renaissance Gold, Limestone Premixes, Quartzite, and Sandstone to ensure that your patio is without compare. If settling for less than the best is not an option for you, allow Unilock to provide the best possible natural stones for your patio.

The title image features a front entrance paved with Limestone Legato Premix A.

Best Natural Stones for your Toronto & Mississauga ON Patio


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