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Best Combinations of Retaining Wall Blocks and Pavers for Bold Pittsburgh, PA, Hardscapes

Best Combinations of Retaining Wall Blocks and Pavers for Bold Pittsburgh, PA, Hardscapes


Unilock retaining wall units offer the best of design in terms of both strength and aesthetics. And when retaining walls are matched with the right pavers, your property’s exterior can be really outstanding. Check out the best combinations of retaining wall blocks and pavers for bold Pittsburgh, PA, Hardscapes.


Rivercrest Wall and Artline

Rivercrest Wall is a popular retaining wall unit from Unilock. Its stacked slab-like, natural flagstone look makes it a hit with homeowners looking for both contemporary and traditional style to complement their landscape. Rivercrest Wall’s impressive durability makes this worth it for your retaining wall needs. The Coastal Slate and Buff color options, in which this wall unit is available, can be used to complement a huge range of similar and contrasting colors in the landscape, so it works well with a number of pavers.

A combination that will turn heads is Rivercrest Wall paired with the straight-edge look of Artline. It may seem to be counter-intuitive match, considering the natural stone feel of Rivercrest Wall, compared with the understated minimalist design of Artline. However, Artline, which is available in Birch, Platinum, Walnut, and Platinum with an Il Campo finish, provides room for striking contrast. Consider Rivercrest Wall in Buff with Artline pavers in Walnut, or Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate, with Artline pavers in Platinum, for an interesting mix.

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Brussels Dimensional Stone and Brussels Block

Both these options are perfect if you’re seeking a timeless look for your Pittsburgh, PA, home. Retaining walls in Brussels Dimensional Stone have a weathered appearance that will bring an elegant yet rustic look character to your landscape design. The strength and reliability of this wall unit has made it a popular option over the years for its functionality and traditional style. Add Brussels Block pavers to the mix, and your Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to deliver planter walls combined with durable walkways, low weight-bearing walls with driveways presenting the look of natural stone, and much more. Brussels Block is available in Sandstone, Coffee Creek, Limestone, and Sierra.


Estate Wall and Umbriano

Combining the old and new can produce amazing results. This is the case when Estate Wall and Umbriano pavers work in tandem. Estate Wall is used for numerous purposes, including for steps, seat walls, pillar design, and outdoor kitchen grill islands to name a few. Its popularity lies in its natural, aged stone look, which has a regal, high-quality appearance. Available in Sierra, Walnut, and River, Estate Wall blocks come in multiple lengths, ensuring a retaining wall that will add interest to any landscape.

When matched with Umbriano, which has a more modern appearance, the two complement each other with their contrasting textures. Umbriano pavers come in five granite-like mottled colors, and like Estate Wall, can be used for a range of purposes. These include for pool decks, patios, and driveways. Umbriano features a unique surface, infused with granite particles to create unique visual interest in every paver. Its EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finish ensures that the color remains strong, rich and vibrant.

A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you choose the best combinations of Unilock wall block and pavers for you, and for more ideas that deliver outstanding style, take a look at the Unilock free catalog.

The title image features Brussels Block steps and patio with Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.



Best Combinations of Retaining Wall Blocks and Pavers for Bold Pittsburgh, PA, Hardscapes

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