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Beautiful Edging Ideas for Backyard Inground Pools in Midland, MI

Beautiful Edging Ideas for Backyard Inground Pools in Midland, MI


Incorporating an inground pool as part of your Midland, MI backyard opens up limitless design options and possibilities of interesting shapes and stunning surrounding features. Coping is one of these features – a small detail that can make a dramatic change in the appearance and aesthetics of the pool. Here are some pool coping options and ideas on how to incorporate them into your project:


Ledgestone Coping

The outstanding natural appearance and durability offered by Ledgestone coping is every homeowner’s dream. Augment your pool area with one of Ledgestone’s two color options – Buff or Grey – and see how the entire landscape transforms because of this simple but elegant finishing touch. Ledgestone coping is made using Reala surface technology, which gives the coping unit its remarkably natural appearance. Ledgestone is a universal coping option and is an excellent choice for any style or design. Consider pairing Ledgestone coping with a deeply colored, richly textured paver such as Richcliff. Additional pops of color can be added with a Copthorne border.

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Brussels Fullnose Coping

Brussels Fullnose presents a stunning weathered surface texture that will add character and charm to your pool area. This option serves as characterful pool coping and offers smooth, rounded corners that won’t scratch the skin of swimmers climbing into or out of the pool. As well as this protective role, Brussels Fullnose will make an interesting addition to your outdoor living space because of its bold color palette. Its versatile collection of strong colors draws the eye and will turn your pool area into the focal point of the backyard. Evoke the senses with the bold color options of Mahogany Ash or Coffee Creek. For a more subtle look, select the beige tones of Sandstone or the blue grey of Limestone. Pair Brussels Fullnose coping with Brussels Block pavers for uniformity of style. For contrast, consider adding a transitional Courtstone border.


Limestone Coping

Natural stone coping does wonders for the aesthetics of a pool area. Limestone is part of the Unilock range of Premium Quality Natural Stone and is available in both Fullnose and Natural Edge coping options. Despite its fine, delicate surface texture, Unilock Limestone is a high quality natural stone that can withstand the elemental and mechanical pressures of a pool area. Limestone coping comes with a lifetime guarantee and features low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability, and strength. This coping option offers unparalleled elegance for both traditional and modern landscapes. Limestone is available in the deep Black River color option. This dark charcoal color is ideal for contrasting lighter pavers, and will highlight the brightness of clear blue pool water.


Sandstone Coping

Sandstone, on the other hand, offers a coarse texture that is pleasing on bare feet. In addition, the warm color option of Indian Coast will add a sense of comfort to you poolside surrounds. The Stone Cliff Grey color option is more suitable for monochromatic, modern backyards. As with Unilock Limestone, Unilock Sandstone is available in both Fullnose and Natural Edge Coping. Consider incorporating the Sandstone aesthetic throughout your pool’s hardscape for the look and feel of a beachside resort.

The title image features a pool deck with Brussels Fullnose coping, Brussels Block pavers, and Courtstone and Copthorne accents.


Beautiful Edging Ideas for Backyard Inground Pools in Midland, MI


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