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Beautiful Border Ideas for your Limestone Patio or Walkway in Rye Brook, NY

Beautiful Border Ideas for your Limestone Patio or Walkway in Rye Brook, NY


Unilock Limestone is a beautiful choice if you want a natural stone patio or walkway for your Rye Brook, NY, home. To accent the beauty of limestone, you can add border that complements the stone as well as the rest of your landscape. Here are some ideas for adding a unique touch to your limestone hardscape:


Geometric Interest

Adding some shape to the edges of your hardscapes is a great way to make them more interesting and give them a modern look. For larger spaces like patios, use the last foot or two for intricate edging to give your natural stone a boost of beauty. Integrate Copthorne in a herringbone pattern with an end-to-end line on both sides for a geometric twist that will highlight the beauty of the natural stone. For something a little simpler, consider Artline, composed of different sized plank-like pieces and smaller rectangles, to form a neat accent on the edge of your space. If you’re looking to edge a smaller hardscape like a walkway, try sticking with only one or two rows of your paver of choice to avoid a look that’s too busy. Cassova, as a smaller paver, is a perfect accent choice to edge out your Unilock Limestone walkway. Use a simple pattern, such as soldier course, installing the pavers with their ends toward the limestone. This will create a clean edge that has a contrast with the larger limestone pieces and complements the look.


Creative Colors

Use colorful pavers to break up the continuity of the limestone and draw the eye to the edge of your space. One great idea for a lighter limestone patio is to use dark grey pavers to highlight the beauty of the limestone and create the look of a bold border. Town Hall is an aged brick paver that looks anything but basic when you use it to edge your limestone patio. In Basalt, a deep slate-gray color, it will enhance the look of your limestone even in a basic single-paver line. To mix it up, edge with two rows of Town Hall in the 3 colour blend for a whimsical look that has a modern pop. Mattoni has a similar shape with a more conservative palette that adds elegance to any design. Add one row of Mattoni in Dark Charcoal, and an outer row in Cocoa Brown, and you’ll have a simple yet classic edge for your limestone walkway or patio.

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Contrast Size

Using big and small units to create a contrast near the edge is a great way to finish your patio or walkway. Brussels Block comes in a half size and an extra large size, so this is a great choice for this design. Start by putting the smallest edge of a half size paver up against the limestone. This will create maximum contrast against the larger pieces of limestone, and even more if you use a color in the brown family like Sierra. The outermost layer can be extra large Brussels Block pavers, adding a completed look to your design. If you wish to keep the color consistent and just keep the contrast in the shape of the paver, use the Limestone color option of Brussels Block.

Using patterns, colors, and different sizes are all great ways to add unique edges to your limestone patio or walkway. You can incorporate all three of these elements into your design, depending on what kind of look you want. For more help, let us get you started with a Unilock Authorized Contractor!

The title image features a Unilock Limestone patio with contrasting border.


Beautiful Border Ideas for your Limestone Patio or Walkway in Rye Brook, NY


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