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Beacon Hill Smooth vs. Beacon Hill Flagstone: Choosing the Best Walkway Pavers for Your Long Island, NY, Home

Beacon Hill Smooth vs. Beacon Hill Flagstone: Choosing the Best Walkway Pavers for Your Long Island, NY, Home

For a character-filled, interesting, and elegant solution to outdoor living surfaces, you can’t go wrong with Unilock pavers that mimic the look of natural stone but offer several key advantages including durability and ease of maintenance. If you love the look of flagstone but don’t want to deal with the stone’s quirky nature, here are tips for choosing between Beacon Hill Smooth vs Beacon Hill Flagstone for your front walkway pavers in your Long Island, NY, home.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers are inspired by natural flagstone and can give your home’s front entry a relaxed and welcoming feel.


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What sets Beacon Hill Flagstone apart?

The surface texture of Beacon Hill Flagstone mimics that of natural flagstone. It is subtle, yet comes alive dimensionally in the low light of morning and evening. Available in Almond Grove, Bavarian, Coffee Creek, Fossil, New York Blend, Sierra, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany, Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers fit into any style. The softly blended colors look realistic, and will not fade thanks to Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology.

Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers come in a random bundle of three sizes: small rectangles, medium-sized squares, and large rectangles; as well as a separate XL size for nearly endless design options. Smaller pavers will create a more textured appearance while larger pavers will contribute to a sense of spaciousness.


Beacon Hill Smooth

Beacon Hill Smooth pavers could be perfect for homeowners who want a sleeker and more modern front entryway aesthetic.


What sets Beacon Hill Smooth apart?

The pavers are available in cooler and more contemporary color choices including Copper Ridge, Fossil, Sierra, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany, for a less rustic look. The refined surface of Beacon Hill Smooth won’t compete with a highly textured home (such as a home with a brick facade) and offers are more sophisticated look than the more textured Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers. Beacon Hill Smooth features EnduraColor Facemix Technology for long-lasting color.

Beacon Hill Smooth pavers also come in a random bundle of small rectangles, medium-sized squares, and large rectangles. It is also available in an XL size. You don’t have to shy away from the XL size for your front entry walkway, even if it is long and narrow: Large pavers, especially when combined with a subtle jointing compound, contribute to a sense of expansiveness and a less busy appearance that makes a narrow walkway feel more substantial.


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The Best of Both Worlds

Natural flagstone is a beautiful option for an entry walkway, but it has several key disadvantages: It must be sealed regularly to prevent spalling (flaking and chipping that can cause a tripping hazard), and it does not provide a slip-resistant surface.

Both Beacon Hill Flagstone and Beacon Hill Smooth give your entry walkway the unique appearance of natural flagstone, but in a material that offers much greater strength and ease of maintenance. The pavers do not require sealing, and their non-slip surface makes for an attractive, durable, and safe entryway.

With the Beacon Hill series, you get the look of natural flagstone without the hassle. And you get to choose how much drama you want with the jointing compound. Unilock jointing compound is available in three colors to contrast or complement your pavers—contrast for a bold and textured look, or complementary for a subtle and unified look.

So which of these outstanding pavers will work best for you? Check out the Unilock project ideas video to get inspired, and talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor to give your front entry walk a beautiful and practical makeover.


The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone walkway pavers.


Beacon Hill Smooth vs. Beacon Hill Flagstone: Choosing the Best Walkway Pavers for Your Long Island, NY, Home


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