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Backyard Pool Ideas for Adding Interest and Movement to your Troy, Fort Wayne Landscape

A well-designed pool area adds to the overall aesthetics and function of an outdoor entertainment space. The elements that are included have the power to define its theme and structure, so it’s important to know which shapes, sizes, and colors of pavers and patio stones are contributing to the beauty and architectural style of your Troy or Fort Wayne, IN, home. The pool can be used as a focal point and create contemporary elegance, or be kept simple and functional while putting other elements at the center of attention. Among the properties that can be added with these elements are movement and function. Here are some features that can contribute these vibrant characteristics to your pool area to make it a more lively, dynamic space:

Fire Features

Fire features like fire pits, fireplaces, and fire tables add an unforgettable beauty and elegance to your outdoor space. Fire features are great for focal points and serve as a source of light. They will also help you to extend the season, enjoy your outdoor area more, and attract guests with their warmth and vibrancy. Estate Wall and Ledgestone tend to give a natural, rugged elegance, perfect for a fire feature of any kind. The color options, shapes, and sizes are remarkable and optimized.

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Water Features

Incorporating water features around your pool area will add movement and character to an otherwise quiet space. Consider building a retaining wall that will separate your pool area from your patio and create a versatile, private pool-patio area by incorporating a waterfall feature into this structure. Unilock Rivercrest Wall combines the natural look of stone and durability and affordability of concrete. Available in two shades, Coastal Slate and Buff, Rivercrest Wall will captivate you with its ultra-realistic textures. This product is ideal for water features and will create a calming effect as water cascades down the rugged texture of the wall. For a modern appearance, incorporate the sleek, linear look of Lineo Dimensional Stone into your landscape design. Water features can also improve pool water circulation, aerating the water to help limit the growth of algae during the summer season.

The title image features a water feature built with Lineo Dimensional Stone in Granite with Grey Ledgestone coping.


Laying Patterns

Interesting laying patterns contribute to the overall appeal of your project and give your home character. Unilock products are extremely versatile and can be laid in numerous patterns. To choose a laying pattern, first consider the size of the project and space available. Large pavers can make a small space appear larger and vice versa. The tones can also be a little more subtle in smaller spaces if you don’t want to create an overpowering design.
To create a strong pattern with a vibrant look, try using a herringbone pattern, which can be laid at a 45 or 90-degree angle. Brussels Block will give an old-world, stunning poolside look and you can rest assured the pavers will last for years to come. For a more natural aesthetic, consider a randomized laying pattern.


To create vibrant borders, consider a strong color contrast such as Copthorne in the Basalt or Burgundy Red shade with Brussels Block in Sandstone. This creates deep visual interest and a more eye-catching result. For a combination better suited to homes built in a contemporary style, consider a combination such as Senzo and Beacon Hill Flagstone.
Backyard Pool Ideas for Adding Interest and Movement to your Troy, Fort Wayne, IN Landscape


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