Avoid These Common Mistakes when Hiring Paving Contractors in Youngstown, OH | Unilock

Avoid These Common Mistakes when Hiring Paving Contractors in Youngstown, OH

Avoid These Common Mistakes when Hiring Paving Contractors in Youngstown, OH


One of the worst things to happen to a homeowner is having a great design botched by shoddy contractor work. This can happen to your property in Youngstown, OH, if you don’t avoid these common mistakes when hiring paving contractors.


Not Conducting a Background Check

If you’re headed to a new restaurant you’ll likely pull up information about the type of cuisine they offer, check out their menu, and definitely take at least a quick skim of their reviews – essentially a background check. This is a step in the process of choosing the right paving contractors for your job, that you don’t ever want to leave out. Not only are you inspecting the company and gathering the information you need for your project, but you are able to ascertain if they’re the right contractors for the type of job you require. As long as you know the type(s) of style(s) you’re interested in, you should be able to find examples of previous work so you can make a well-informed decision before going forward.

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Hiring a Contractor with an Untrained Crew

Here’s the thing, just because your paving contractor says they’re using an in-house crew, it doesn’t always mean that’s true. In some cases this may work out just fine, and you get the walkway or pool deck of your dreams. In others, these subcontractors botch the job and you’re left holding the bag on work that is incomplete or needs to be redone. Splashing money around is fine if it’ll serve to create outdoor features that tantalize and inspire the senses, but if all you’re doing is wasting it on substandard work, that’s when you know you’ve made a dire mistake. Avoid using workers that might be improperly trained and leave you with undesirable finishes. Sure, mistakes happen sometimes, but even if that’s the case it’s better a professional who knows what they’re doing is around to correct it, than an amateur who might make it worse. Instead, consider highly-skilled, handpicked Unilock Authorized Contractors to get the job done right the first time.


Hiring a Contractor who uses Poor Quality Materials

Fly-by-night contractors out to make a quick buck will often use substandard materials in order to save on the cost of materials and pocket the difference. Possibly worse than this are manufacturers who produce cut-rate products and charge exorbitant prices. The materials that your contractor uses should be guaranteed to be of a high standard without costing you an arm and a leg. That’s why Unilock, the industry leader utilizing superior technology in this field, is the right choice when it comes to materials for your project. With materials ranging from natural stone, such as Limestone and Sandstone, to classic pavers, such as Brussels Block, you can depend on the Unilock quality guarantee.


When Accidents Happen

What would it be like to have to pay for an accident that you had nothing to do with? It’d probably be worse if you could have done something to avoid it in the first place. Ensure that the contractor you entrust with your project has an insurance policy that protects your interest, and that your paving contractors provide workers with general liability workers’ compensation. Without this, you may be liable for any accidents that happen on your property and be fined to suit. Contractors do this when they’re trying to get jobs done through the cheapest channels possible, and while that might work for them, it’s no good for you. You can trust Unilock Authorized Contractors to deliver not only high-quality paving results, but workers with more than adequate insurance coverage to keep you safe.


Avoid These Common Mistakes when Hiring Paving Contractors in Youngstown, OH


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