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Ask your Driveway Contractor about these Permeable Paver Options in St. Louis

In recent years, many St. Louis, MO, residents are selecting permeable pavers for their driveway. This is mainly because they are interested in creating not only a durable but also a sustainable landscape. Permeable pavers are a go-to choice if you want to reconstruct your driveway to improve drainage, reduce stormwater runoff and enjoy cooler driveway temperatures in summer. Here are some top-of-the-list options to consider when consulting with your driveway contractor:

Eco Priora

The most important advantage of a permeable paver system is the ability of the pavers to allow water to drain through the joints. These pavers are manufactured to the same quality standards as all concrete paving stones. The difference is in the size of the joint spacing and in the system that is used as their base. This draining system consists of layers of materials that can accommodate a tremendous amount of rainwater.
Eco-Priora permeable pavers are designed with special spacer bars that form a 7 mm gap between pavers, which is filled with fine stone chip. The chip allows quick rainwater penetration into the subsoil. This paver is available in five different color options, mostly earthy tones that tend to create a welcoming space.
The rainwater that permeates the pavers can then be reabsorbed into the groundwater supply instead of going through the stormwater management system. This eases the load on overtaxed storm water drains and reduces the amount of pollutants carried into natural water sources. The permeated water can also be collected and used as a source for irrigation, car washing, and running decorative landscape water features like fountains. Perhaps most importantly, installing this permeable system will prevent flooding, both in your yard and out.

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Town Hall

One of the most versatile permeable pavers in the St. Louis region is Town Hall. This paver is ideal for building a traditional style driveway because of its timeless, worn brick appearance. Town Hall is cast from original brick street pavers giving it a comforting, distressed appearance. This paver is available in darker shades that can create a dramatic look for your driveway. The Basalt shade, for example, is a perfect accent paver because of its dark tones, and can be combined with another permeable paver, such as the Peppered Granite shade of Tribeca Cobble permeable pavers.
Alternatively, the Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay and Old Oak color options create a warm and inviting appeal. To create a more interesting appearance that highlights the laying pattern, these three colors can be blended on site.

Tribeca Cobble

Tribeca Cobble reflects the natural look of granite cobble stones and is available in three different color options, Crystalline Basalt, Peppered Granite, and Cobalt Grey. The first two shades are light grey with silver tones and the third is dark and rich, making it ideal for bordering.


Unilock permeable pavers also serve to enhance the appearance of your outdoor spaces and can be a big step up in appearance when compared to traditional asphalt. Thornbury permeable pavers come with a modestly textured surface that results in a relaxed look. The shades Bavarian Blend and Sycamore, when used with the large rectangle tile, create a dynamic, contemporary appearance. Thornbury is available in three different sizes, large, medium, and small rectangles. When combined, all three sizes create a pleasing random look for driveways.

The title image features a driveway paved with permeable Town Hall pavers in a 3 Color Blend.

Ask your Driveway Contractor about these Permeable Paver Options in St. Louis MO


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