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Add These Features to Landscape Design for Better Backyard Gatherings in North Shore, MA

Add These Features to Landscape Design for Better Backyard Gatherings in North Shore, MA


Summer in North Shore, MA, is the ideal time for backyard gatherings, whether it be casual get-togethers, family dinners or birthday parties. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of features that you can add to your landscape design to make your backyard a comfortable and visually appealing gathering spot.


An attractive patio

A proper patio is one of the essentials of any backyard if you want to host any sort of gathering. The paved area clearly marks the space out as a congregation point and naturally attracts people to come together. There is a wide range of paving options to create the ultimate patio in your backyard. Poured concrete is a popular option given its low cost and durability, but offers little in terms of visual appeal with minimal customization options and a generally bland outlook. Concrete pavers are a great alternative, giving you a seemingly infinite range of options in colors and textures. This makes it easier to match your patio to your home’s exterior and make it feel like a natural extension of your home. It also makes it easier to define a clear design language for your yard by choosing the right texture and color. For a modern landscape, you can choose pavers like Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth with its contemporary look and discreet colors. For a more traditional patio, you can choose pavers like Richcliff, which offers the aesthetic of sandstone, and accent it with Copthorne’s traditional brick-like design and weathered surface texture. The wide range of colors also makes it easy to create borders, accents and central designs to make your patio truly unique.


Patio furniture

Having the right furnishings can make a world of difference in making your patio more comfortable for gatherings. Traditional patio furniture is always a popular option given its ease of use, wide range of design options and affordability. However, patio furniture is more well-suited for small gatherings. For larger gatherings, a seating wall is a more viable option as it takes it up less space while accommodating a large number of people. Moreover, you can redesign any retaining or perimeter walls in your yard to double as seating walls with the right wall units and coping. Walls with a stacked stone appearance can be easily created with options such as Unilock Rivercrest Wall complemented with Ledgestone coping to give it either a natural or rounded edge for additional comfort. You can add cushions, candle holders, and recessed lighting to make the entire setup more homely.


Outdoor structures

An outdoor structure is an ideal addition if you want to host dinners and parties late into the night. Structures such as pergolas and pavilions are excellent for traditional landscapes with their distinct appearance and can give your yard a more homely feel. For more minimalist yards, a simple pergola covering your patio can achieve a similar effect. Pergolas have the additional advantage of being quite easy to move around should you want to redesign your yard at any point in the future.


Fire Pits

Fire pits are definitely a must have if you want a backyard suitable for gatherings. The light and warmth emanated causes people to gravitate towards it and serves as a natural point for conversations. Fire pits are available in high-quality, quick to install kits such as the Sunset Firepit Kit from Unilock. These kits are ideal if you want to seamlessly match your firepit to existing masonry in your yard. Choosing the right location is also central to a proper installation and the fire pit should ideally be at a central location to maximize its visual appeal at night.


Add These Features to Landscape Design for Better Backyard Gatherings in North Shore, MA


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