Add Character to your Backyard with Unilock Natural Stone Steps in the Quad Cities Region Natural stone Quad Cities | Unilock

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Add Character to your Backyard with Unilock Natural Stone Steps in the Quad Cities Region Natural stone Quad Cities

Add Character to your Backyard with Unilock Natural Stone Steps in the Quad Cities Region


Unilock offers beautiful options for homeowners in the Quad Cities region to add character to their backyard staircase designs. The eye is often drawn to a staircase as a focal feature, which makes it the perfect opportunity to make a statement. Unilock Natural Stone offers unique elegance that can complement and enhance almost any landscape design. Whether it be a sweeping staircase or a small discreet one, Natural Stone by Unilock offers an abundance of options to fit your landscape style and personality.


Why Unilock Natural Stone?

Natural Stone by Unilock combines beauty, premium quality, and durability. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is specially selected from quarries in Europe and Asia and is backed by strict humanitarian and ethical standards. The quality of Unilock Natural Stone is upheld by the Unilock lifetime guarantee, to ensure utmost satisfaction with the product. Unilock Natural Stone products are designed to last; low water absorption and high freeze-thaw durability will keep your natural stone steps looking great throughout the seasons.


Types of Natural Stone from Unilock

Unilock offers two high-quality choices. Both Sandstone and Limestone from Unilock are treated to ensure long-lasting color and performance. The choice boils down to personal preference and your overall backyard design.

As indicated by its name, Sandstone offers a sand-like grain and a surface texture that can be likened to that of seasand. Unilock Sandstone offers the warm colors of Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast, as well as Stone Cliff Grey. Limestone has a finer grain than Sandstone and comes in a cooler spectrum of colors, including Black River, Winter Mist and Hearthstone. Both options offer a plethora of possibilities for step designs, including multiple slab sizes, both Natural Edge and Fullnose Coping options, and Natural Edge Step units. The Natural Edge coping and step units are ideal for retaining a rugged, textured appearance, while the Fullnose Coping can help to create a smoother, more refined design. In addition, you can complement your step design with pillars capped with Natural Stone Pillar Caps. Consider pairing these with a wall unit such as Rivercrest Wall, in the form of low walls and pillars to flank and complement your backyard steps.

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Incorporate Natural Stone for a Unique Design

When adding a set of steps or a staircase to your backyard, it’s important to consider the backyard design as a whole. Unilock Natural Stone can pair excellently with other materials, such as concrete pavers and wall units, and Limestone and Sandstone can even be used to accent one another. Whether your backyard design demands a rustic set of steps, using Indian Coast Sandstone for enhanced character, or a more modern, sleek look with the refined surface texture and depth of Black River Limestone, natural stone can be taken in many different design directions to achieve the look you desire.


Don’t let your staircase blend into the background of your backyard design. It’s the perfect chance to add character and flair. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today to make your backyard staircase design a reality!



Add Character to your Backyard with Unilock Natural Stone Steps in the Quad Cities Region


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