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Add a Sense of European Design With Unilock Courtstone Patio Pavers in Wilmington, DE

Cobblestone has always evoked a sense of antiquity due to its timeless use in European architecture and design. Courtstone pavers from Unilock reproduce the appearance of cobblestone and offer exceptional strength and a timeworn style. No matter the application, they are sure to bring a warm, rich feel to your project. Here’s how to enhance that sense of old European design for your Wilmington, DE, patio, walkways and driveways.

A Picturesque Patio Using Courtstone for your patio project is perfect for adding a sense of charm and unique beauty to your outdoor spaces. Thanks to Unilock proprietary Reala Surface Technology, Courtstone presents a surface that recreates the detail of actual cobblestone. Courtstone’s palette of colors includes Belgian Blue, a natural grayish tone that’s soft and muted; Basalt, a deep and rich slate color that has a striking appearance which can be enhanced with a lighter, contrasting jointing sand; Dawn Mist, a light blue-gray to bring a soft touch to your patio floor; and finally, the Pebble Taupe color option, which has a more earthy hue that is perfect for landscape designs that have a lot of rich browns and greens. Basalt and Belgian Blue can be blended to create a varied look, as can Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe to create the look of a royal country garden. Related Read: Choosing the Right Concrete Pavers for your Naturalistic Mendham, NJ, Landscape Driveway Strength to Last Unilock uses Ultima Concrete Technology to make Courtstone up to four times stronger than a poured concrete surface. This means that investing in Unilock Courtstone for your project will have a lifetime return. That’s what makes it great not just for patios, but also the ultimate driveway paver. The strength of each individual paver ensures that frequent vehicle traffic is no match for Courtstone. You never have to worry about your hardscapes cracking or splitting.

A Courtstone driveway offers fantastic curb appeal and can help to give your front yard old-world appeal. Related Read: Top Earth-Tone Concrete Pavers for Your Wilmington, DE, Patio Accents For its most classic look, Courtstone looks beautiful in the deep Basalt color with a light jointing compound to allow each stone to stand out. It creates beautiful walkways that are reminiscent of European gardens, to bring the tradition and elegance of the Old World to your landscape. Courtstone makes an excellent accent paver itself, but can also be complemented by incorporating other Unilock products as accents. Brussels Block, for example, has the look of hand-shaped stone with a captivating, tumbled texture. Consider using Brussels Block as a border for your Basalt or Belgian Blue Courtstone walkways, patio or driveway to add definition and a finishing touch to your hardscape. Or, if you’re using a lighter color of Courstone like Pebble Taupe or Dawn Mist, you could accent the edges with the dark Basalt color. As part of the Unilock Elegance collection, Courtstone comes with a guarantee that the color will never fade or falter, just like old European cobblestone roads. Bringing a sense of old European design to your Wilmington, DE patio space is as easy as choosing Courtstone for your patio flooring.

Courtstone will enhance the look of your entire landscape, including your plants and flowers. Unilock Authorized Contractors guarantee superior craftsmanship, and we can help to connect you with one today. Check out our latest Design Idea Catalog for more inspiration on how to use Courtstone for your project. The title image features a Courtstone front walkway


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