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7 Landscape Design ideas For Your Backyard Patio in Oyster Bay Cove, NY

7 Landscape Design ideas For Your Backyard Patio in Oyster Bay Cove, NY

Your backyard patio should be as unique as you are. With so many design options, how do you design a patio that’s both functional and interesting? To help inspire you, here are 7 landscape design ideas for your backyard patio in Oyster Bay Cove, NY.


No View? Make One!

Not every backyard has a breathtaking view. If you have a view you want to enjoy, be sure to position key areas so that the view isn’t obstructed. But if you don’t have a view – or worse, you need to hide an unattractive view – you can use privacy walls and the patio itself to draw the eye inward. A privacy wall can be clean masonry or covered with climbing vines to resemble a living wall. Once your eye stops at the wall, give it something pleasing to rest on: for example, a water feature, garden sculpture, interesting plants, or a fireplace.


Out-of-the-Ordinary Intimate Dining

If you love dining outdoors, consider a fire table, which gives your patio a touch of modern sophistication as well as instant coziness. The base of the fire table can be constructed using the same materials as any other vertical elements in and around your patio, such as an outdoor kitchen, walls, or pillars.


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A Paver Rug

Indoors, area rugs are often used to define spaces and give each space a unique touch of personality. You can do the same outdoors, without the hassle of replacing an outdoor rug. Create a paver ‘rug’ by paving a defined area with pavers that have a different shape, color and texture to the rest of the patio. These stand-out colors can be repeated in various places throughout the patio, such as in retaining walls or borders. Many Unilock pavers come in various sizes, textures and shapes. Thornbury pavers are available in both textured and smooth varieties, and can be used to create a captivating “area rug” in an outdoor dining or lounging area.


Mood lighting

The right lighting makes your patio (and the rest of your landscape) magical at sunset. A great lighting design is more than just the right placement of fixtures – it’s choosing the right fixtures for the right job. A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you make these critical decisions so that you get precisely the type of nighttime experience you want from your outdoor spaces.



A permanent shade structure, such as a pergola, adds functional elegance to your space. A large pergola can cover a formal outdoor living room, dining room or outdoor kitchen – and a smaller pergola is perfect for hanging a hammock or a porch swing. For protection from the rain, consider a permanent roof for a patio attached to the home.


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Fire pit or fireplace

Fire features can be constructed using the same stunning Unilock Wall Products from which retaining walls can be made, creating more opportunities for a unified landscape design and material selection. Both fireplaces and fire pits can be woodburning if you love the crackle and ambience of wood; or gas-fueled for a cleaner and safer fire with enhanced design options including the use of colored glass. A wood-fired pizza oven is a huge hit and a unique feature that can be custom-built to your specifications.


Go big

Large-format pavers make a large statement in any space. Unilock Richcliff pavers come in various rectangular sizes up to 21”x12” and the Umbriano paver is available in sizes up to 24”x24” large. You can use large pavers in very small spaces, too, as they actually create the illusion of more space because they create very few jointing lines.


The title image features a Thornbury patio accentuated by a paver rug composed of various sophisticated Unilock pavers.


7 Landscape Design ideas For Your Backyard Patio in Oyster Bay Cove, NY

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