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7 Great Retaining Wall Options for a Sloped Front Yard in Canton, OH

7 Great Retaining Wall Options for a Sloped Front Yard in Canton, OH


Having a sloped front yard can be a problem. Not only will your yard tend to erode over time, but keeping your grass and plantings healthy can also be an issue. Keeping your yard in check with a retaining wall is one the best ways to correct this. For steeper yards, you can use retaining walls to create a series of levels with stairs connecting the levels. Whichever option is right for your property, the result will be usable space and a highly stable landscape. Unilock offers a number of excellent options to build a strong and durable retaining wall feature:

Rivercrest Wall

One of the most popular wall-building unit options offered by Unilock is Rivercrest Wall, and once you see the pieces for yourself, you’ll understand why. Offered in the shades of Buff and Coastal Slate, you can tell right away that the wall offers an authentic appeal. With the realistic appearance of stacked flagstone, this wall will help hold back your built up front yard, while providing interesting, versatile aesthetics.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

As a modern alternative, consider Lineo Dimensional Stone. This wall unit offers a contemporary style with a focus on the linear and a smooth texture. The colors available include Platinum, Sierra, and Walnut, so you’ll have multiple matching choices. Lineo Dimensional Stone is best suited to low retaining walls and raised plant beds, rather than substantial load-bearing retaining walls.

Brussels Dimensional System

When building a retaining wall, Brussels Dimensional System provides a natural aesthetic for a wall with weathered texture and incredible strength. The durability and appearance of your wall won’t disappoint when you choose this option. The Brussels Dimensional System is available in a wide range of color options to ensure an excellent fit for your home and landscape.

Estate Wall

If you’re looking for a retaining wall solution with the regal appearance of weathered rock, consider Estate Wall units from Unilock. With a natural, weathered aesthetic, this wall will serve as a statement making piece, whether you choose the River, Sierra, or Walnut color option.

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Ideal for a steep slope, Pisa2 units lock tightly together, offering incredible strength, while also facilitating curves within the retaining wall, as needed. The split and weathered texture complements the natural rock colors of Granite, River, Sandstone, or Sierra, perfectly accommodating your needs for a strong, effective, and beautiful retaining wall.


Another nature inspired option is RomanPisa. In fact, the claim to fame for this series is its ability to blend with its surroundings. RomanPisa ensures a retaining wall that will serve its purpose while not throwing off the existing balance of your landscape. As with Pisa2, the color options are Granite, River, and Sierra, and the texture is split and weathered. When you’d rather the retaining wall become a natural part of the scenery, rather than a focal point, this choice is a good one.


Completing the options for retaining walls with the shared shades of Granite, River, and Sierra, is RomanStack. This series has a standard size, creating a more simple aesthetic for your wall. You’ll not be disappointed with this natural rock aesthetic for your retaining wall construction.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall retaining wall.


7 Great Retaining Wall Options for a Sloped Front Yard in Canton, OH


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