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6 Landscaping Ideas for a Shared Backyard in Rye Brook, NY

6 Landscaping Ideas for a Shared Backyard in Rye Brook, NY


A shared backyard can strengthen the relationship with your neighbors as well as create an attractive shared space for everyone to enjoy. In Rye Brook, New York, Unilock offers homeowners various design elements to create the perfect shared space.


Raised Plant Beds for Privacy

Creating a shared backyard that appeals to everyone requires a great deal of consideration of the many families that are included. These spaces are all about the community and the use of everyone’s yard space, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your privacy. You can still create a private area for your family while still enjoying the benefits of your shared yard. Use tall plants such as trees or evergreen hedges placed in raised plant beds can give you line-of-sight privacy. Consider the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System for giving these features an aesthetic that will please all parties involved.


Private Seating

Living walls, created by planting vines on a trellis, is another great way you can create privacy without the use of solid walls. This can be used to create private permanent seating areas, without being cut off from the rest of the yard. Consider a fullnose coping option, such as Brussels Fullnose, for a comfortable permanent seating surface.


Combining Designs

Creating a shared backyard with your neighbors using Unilock products can allow you to appeal to many different backyard tastes. With the wide range of Unilock products to choose from, you’re sure to find the product that best suits everyone’s design. Bristol Valley pavers, for example, is a great choice of paver for a shared patio that won’t clash with the personalized features of private areas. Alternatively, Beacon Hill Flagstone comes in a variety of neutral greys and earthy beiges to favor a wide range of design aesthetics. Brussels Dimensional System is another great product that keeps its design neutral while still adding flair and character. Brussels Dimensional System comes in a range of widely compatible colors to fit all your design requirements.


Common Walkways

For characterful walkways throughout your shared backyard, Copthorne is a wonderful choice. Copthorne imitates the look of weathered brick street pavers. This rustic paver blends well with the landscape because of its aged finish. Copthorne also makes an excellent accent paver for adding pops of warm color or contrast to hardscapes.


Communal Spaces

Public spaces are important when creating a shared backyard. The goal of these areas is to be suitable for use by everyone while still feeling like a private backyard. If you plan to entertain in your shared space, a grill island or outdoor kitchen is essential. Another option is to create an outdoor living area much like your own living room. Unilock Authorized Contractors are able to create covered areas, so you can add things such as flat screen TVs and outdoor furniture. These areas can be the perfect chance to bond over sports events and enjoy the outdoors together.


Fire Features

If you enjoy spending summer nights with your neighbors, then a fire pit is another great addition to your design. Unilock offers several Firepit Kits or you can customize the design by selecting your own combination of coping, wall units and accents. Alternatively, you can pick from several expertly-crafted pre-designed Fireplaces.

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With Unilock at your side, creating the perfect shared backyard has never been easier. Connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor by clicking here.

The title image features a Bristol Valley patio with Brussels Dimensional System verticals and Copthorne accents.


6 Landscaping Ideas for a Shared Backyard in Rye Brook, NY


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