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6 Best Wall Units for Creative Curves and Meandering Lines in Bloomfield

Creating a state of the art landscape is every homeowner’s dream. Building a stunning outdoor space in your Bloomfield, MI, backyard means having a place where you can relax and enjoy the days with your friends and family. To add an interesting touch to your landscape, consider these wall units that are perfect for creating curves and meandering lines to bring an organic feel to your landscape.

Estate Wall

Unilock Estate Wall recreates a natural ledge rock look for your landscape and is suitable for most vertical structures, including seat walls, planters, pillars and steps. Estate Wall is available in Sandstone and Sierra, which provides a flexible color palette to match a range of styles and color schemes. Although rugged in appearance, this wall unit creates a relaxed and sophisticated, historic mood for your outdoor space.

The title image features a low wall built from Estate Wall with Copthorne banding and Ledgestone coping.



If you want beautifully crafted curves that give your landscape a rugged, old look, RomanPisa is the ideal choice. This unit gives a distressed appearance to any curved wall, step or planter. Choose from one of the three colors available, including Beechwood, Granite, and Nevada and play with the shapes and sizes of the unit. This will give your landscape a creative touch and transform the landscape into an artfully crafted setting.

Brussels Dimensional System

This versatile wall system offers a variety of shapes and tapered units, making the process of building beautiful curves even easier. Brussels Dimensional System is ideal for curved walls, seat walls, kitchen islands, fireplaces, steps and almost any vertical element needed for your landscape. The system is also available in five different colors, from soft Limestone and Sandstone to the vibrant color variations of Desert Sand, Coffee Creek, or Mahogany Ash.

Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall offers the look and versatility of stacked flagstone, ideal for incorporating curved walls to achieve a rustic, naturalistic effect. Its Coastal Slate color options lends a classic look to your landscape, while the Buff shade provides a gold renaissance touch. Apart from its stylish appearance, Rivercrest Wall is also well known for its durability and includes a rapid pillar system for providing a convenient structural finish to the ends of your walls.


Retaining walls create visual appeal and serve as protection against soil erosion. A retaining wall can be a critical feature in your landscape, creating functionality and space previously unused due to slopes. Pisa2 ensures a high quality, stable retaining wall system that will last for years to come. By using Pisa2’s tapered components, you can build beautiful walls and steps that twist throughout your landscape design. The product comes in seven colors, from the red-toned Beechwood, Nevada, Rustic Red and St. Clair, to the cold Granite and Charcoal or neutral Sandstone. Pisa2 presents a textured rock surface that is both attractive and heavy-duty. Pisa2 also features a built-in set back design that automatically adjusts to form the correct slope. This ensures high stability and a retaining wall you can depend on to maintain structure in your landscape.

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6 Best Wall Units for Creative Curves and Meandering Lines in Bloomfield


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