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5 Unilock Stones for Building Curved Retaining Walls in Bedford Hills, NY

5 Unilock Stones for Building Curved Retaining Walls in Bedford Hills, NY


A collection of beautifully curved retaining walls can instantly make any Bedford Hills, NY, landscape appear more opulent and romantic. Unilock supplies numerous reliable and unique wall units that not only accommodate curved wall designs, but contribute towards creating their grandiose beauty. Read on for more information about a few retaining wall favorites from Unilock:


Brussels Dimensional System

Brussels Dimensional System is a favorite for the construction of curved retaining walls, owing to the various sizes in which its tapered components can be sourced. This versatile wall product is used confidently, time after time, in the construction of curved seat walls, water features, staircases – and more! With such an extensive color range and just the right amount of artificial weathering, these wall units lie in the Goldilocks Zone and can be used to complement a wide variety of hardscapes. For a refined finish and comfortable seating surface, pair Brussels Dimensional System with matching Brussels Fullnose Coping.


Concord Wall

Concord Wall is available in tapered components perfectly suited to the construction of curved structures. These wall units are often utilized in the construction of integral retaining walls tasked with resisting large soil loads. Their built-in setback design helps to ensure that the finished walls they create are strong and stable, as it enables them to automatically form the correct slope and leaves less room for human error. The Sierra color options bears wonderful golden undertones that pair perfectly with any vibrant greenery nearby.

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Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall is renowned for its effortless elegance and uncanny resemblance to stacked flagstone. Cutting-edge manufacturing processes are employed to produce wall units with convincing surface textures cast from real stone samples. The warm Buff color variation can be used to create a curved wall or water feature that enhances a tropical-inspired poolscape. Consider installing Autumn Harvest Sandstone from Unilock underfoot to further immerse your backyard in a paradise-like aesthetic theme. Alternatively, consider opting for concrete substitutes for natural stone, such as Richcliff pavers, that have been reinforced using Ultima Concrete Technology. Rivercrest Wall’s Coastal Slate color option offers a cool grey that is widely compatible with aesthetic themes and color schemes and presents a handsome offset to deeply colored pavers and landscape features.


Estate Wall

Estate Wall bears all the romance and mystique of a grand old castle. These wall units are artificially weathered to bear exquisite textures that mimic those of century-old ledge rock. Fortunately, these units are available in multiple sizes to accommodate complicated and curved structures, as nothing looks more romantic than a curved Estate Wall sweeping across a lush green landscape. The Sierra and Almond Grove color variations bear peach-orange undertones that are essential in maintaining the appearance of authentic rock.



RomanWall, like many of the aforementioned products, merges beauty and versatility in perfect measure. These wall units bear worn surfaces with an effortless, natural appearance that allows them to blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings. The result is wonderfully harmonious to the eye. Despite the predominant use of grey in each color variation of this product, warm undertones have been strategically included to prevent the stones from appearing monotonous or lacking in character.

The title image features a curved Brussels Dimensional System seat wall with Brussels Fullnose Coping.


5 Unilock Stones for Building Curved Retaining Walls in Bedford Hills, NY


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