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5 Reasons to Include Porcelain Tiles in Mount Laurel, NJ, Outdoor Kitchens

5 Reasons to Include Porcelain Tiles in Mount Laurel, NJ, Outdoor Kitchens

Modern outdoor kitchens are becoming more sophisticated as homeowners embrace outdoor living and alfresco cooking and dining, and many of these kitchens are much more than a simple grill station. Using the right materials will ensure lasting enjoyment. Here are five reasons to include porcelain tiles in your Mount Laurel, NJ, outdoor kitchen.


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The best use for porcelain tile in outdoor kitchens tends to be as flooring. If you’re imagining Grandma’s dainty porcelain dishes, rest assured, porcelain tiles are anything but delicate. They are a superior choice for outdoor applications. Tie your hardscapes together using porcelain tiles—in the kitchen, as stepping stones, and as accents or as the main paver material on your patio.


What are porcelain tiles, and why would you want to choose them for your outdoor kitchen?

It’s easy for the uninitiated to confuse porcelain tiles with ceramic tiles. They look similar, as both are clay tiles that are fired in a kiln. However, each has its own characteristics, and as you’ll discover, porcelain can be viewed as the way to go in some outdoor applications.



Porcelain tiles are often fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles, resulting in a much denser, harder wearing and less porous product than ceramic tiles. They are highly resistant to chipping from impact, scratching, heat, and staining.


Weather- and Stain-resistant

When treated with a protective glaze, porcelain tiles are exceptionally well suited to wet areas such as showers, and of course, outdoor kitchens, where weatherproof and stain-resistant materials are a must. Ceramic tiles are not suitable for outdoor use because they are much more porous and retained water will degrade ceramic tiles over time. Having a low-maintenance floor in an outdoor kitchen is a joy. Just look out for any spill and wipe it away.



When it comes to color, through-body porcelain tiles (also known as full-body or homogeneous tiles) are the same design and color all the way through the tile. Glazed porcelain tiles feature a painted glaze on top. This is an important distinction because in heavy-use areas such as outdoor kitchens—where tiles are in danger of cuts, abrasions, and impact—you don’t want tiles that will break easily, or show every dent and ding from heavy impact, so be sure to choose through-body tiles. This is great news if you have pets or children, as both are notoriously tough on flooring.


Choice of Finishes

Unilock porcelain tiles come in two finishes: stone finish and woodgrain finish. With a broad selection of colors ranging from cool grays to neutrals and warm earth tones, modern large-format sizes, and shapes including plank, you won’t have any trouble incorporating porcelain tile into your outdoor kitchen for a stunning and sophisticated look.


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High Quality

Unilock is proud to offer a new line of premium European porcelain tile. Since our tiles are sourced from a reliable distributor network, you are always assured the highest quality and value.

These key differences make porcelain tiles more expensive than ceramic tiles. Installation is also more expensive as compared with ceramic tile or concrete pavers. Because porcelain tiles are so much harder than other exterior flooring materials, they do require special equipment and a lot of experience to cut, which means professional installation.

For inspiration, design ideas, or to get started on a new outdoor kitchen project, contact your Unilock Authorized Contractor today.


The title image features Unilock porcelain tiles in Graustein.


5 Reasons to Include Porcelain Tiles in Mount Laurel, NJ, Outdoor Kitchens


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