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5 Pavers for a Non-Slip and Attractive Pool Deck in Ottawa

The pool deck of your home requires both style and function in a construction. Although you’re sure to want your pool deck to make a visual statement, you won’t want to sacrifice poolside safety or durability against the demands of pool chemicals or salt. In addition to choosing an attractive option for pool decking, you should also consider the overall architectural style of your property, the colors that will complement the home, and how the pool deck will affect the property as a whole. Choose Unilock products in order to meld durable, non-slip surfaces with the attractive qualities of natural stone for your pool deck in Ottawa, ON.


For a pool deck that complements the architecture of a modern-style home, Senzo offers clean lines and a fine-grain, non-slip texture. Senzo is available in three sizes: 16”x16”, 8”x16”, and 8”x8”, and you can choose from Castano, Cremo, and Nuvola shades to create a dynamic and visually powerful contemporary pool deck. This choice also works well as a border unit because of its bold coloring and ranging sizes.

Brussels Block

Another choice for your pool deck from Unilock is Brussels Block. With a weathered texture, Brussels Block offers an antique and relaxed aesthetic, well-suited to traditional style homes or rustic landscapes. The shades offered include Desert Sand, Limestone, Mahogany Ash, Sandstone, Sierra, and Midnight Charcoal (available in XL and Standard sizes only). With three sizes of units, you’ll be able to create a complementary and appropriate pool deck for your home. While replicating the appearance of natural stone, Brussels Block offers the extreme durability of concrete and is specially treated to withstand the pressures of seasonal changes, UV exposure, chemical and salt exposure, and heavy loads.


For a more formal aesthetic for your pool decking, consider the Europaver option from Unilock. The colors available include Burnt Oak, Coffee Creek, Dark Charcoal, and Granite Blend. These colors complement the subtle texture of the Europaver surface and contribute to a relaxed poolside aesthetic. Interesting laying patterns and accent designs are easy with Europaver, as is a more monochrome deck that highlights the beauty of the water.

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Another contemporary option for your pool decking is Artline by Unilock. With clean lines, crisp edges and right angles, this plank-like paver is available in several lengths. Creating a pool deck with this unit will reflect a contemporary style, that merges well with a minimalist or modern aesthetic. Choose from the colors of Alpine Fusion, Granite Fusion, or Sierra Fusion to complete this design.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

To create a traditional, high end pool deck, consider Beacon Hill Flagstone. These units have a weathered texture and come in several shades with varying levels of deep, rich colors. They include Almond Grove Fusion, Desert Sand Fusion, Granite Fusion, Oak Brown Fusion, and Sierra Fusion. While relaxed and elegant, this paver can be used to enhance or add the air of high end, estate home to your property.

The title image features a pool deck paved with Desert Sand Brussels Block with a Series 3000 border.

5 Pavers for a Non-Slip and Attractive Pool Deck in Ottawa, ON


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